Alice Springs Travel Guide

Alice Springs Travel Guide

Introduction to Alice Springs

Alice Springs is best described as ‘a town in the middle of nowhere’. It is really a desert town, right in the middle of Australia. The nearest real cities are Darwin and Adelaide: both of which are about 1,500 kilometers away! Alice Springs is the place to go, especially by road, if you want to know just how big the world really is. It is also the place to go if you want to understand what a real desert looks like.

Don’t, however, be alarmed by the fact that Alice Springs is a desert town and start imagining that it is an inhospitable place. Actually, as you will eventually come to realize, Alice Springs is one of the most hospitable places. It is really one of those towns that owe their present-day existence to tourism, and as such, it has done much to ensure that the tourists who visit it are made to feel at home.

Most of Alice Springs’ attractions are natural, and for a person coming from a big city, a visit to Alice Springs can give unbelievable refreshment. That is because while in Alice Springs, you get to feel that you are genuinely ‘away from it all’. So nice is Alice Springs that it has attracted the attention of people from all over the world, who have eventually settled here fully. Alice Springs is therefore a melting point of various cultures, with its population of about 28,000 people being made up of folks from pretty much every continent.

Getting around

Alice Springs is really a compact town, one that the average person can move about on foot without suffering too much exhaustion. You need, however, to take note of the fact that many of the tourist attractions are not in the town itself, but rather, around the town: in the desert plains that encompass Alice Springs. Still, you can go for short trails on foot, and still savor a bit of the natural attractions that Alice Springs has.

You can also get around Alice Springs on a bike. The good thing with this specific mode of getting around Alice Spring is that you can actually go for longer trails on it.

You can still go to the Alice Springs visitors center, and around there, you will find the taxis base: from where you can hire one to get you around Alice Springs.

There are bus services in Alice Springs, and you can take a bus from Hartley Street (near Yeperenye shopping center). Some of these buses aren’t restricted to the town itself, but also to the outlying areas, including the cultural precinct.

Things to see and do in Alice Springs

As mentioned earlier, most of Alice Springs attraction lies in its natural heritage, in terms of the natural geographical features around the town. To fully savor these, you need to go for a trail, or better still, a number of trails. In the course of such trails, you will get to see and get awed by the cavernous gorges that are to be found around Alice Springs. You will also love the scorched yet serene desert landscape.

A sightseeing tour of Alice Springs is incomplete without a call to the Alice Springs Desert Park. Alice Springs is also home to the Museum of Central Australia which you may want to visit alongside the Alice Springs Reptile Park and the Araluen Arts Center.

You could head to the Anzac Hill, from where you can get a bird’s view of Alice Springs town, and perhaps even get photographed (or take a selfie) with the scenic Alice Springs town as the background.

While in downtown Alice Springs, you can get a chance to eat out, drink or go shopping. With respect to the shopping bit though, you will notice that things are slightly expensive here: which is to be expected, for a town that is so remote.

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