Canberra Travel Guide

Canberra Reiseführer
Canberra Reiseführer

Introduction to Canberra

Canberra Travel Guide
Canberra Travel Guide

Canberra is Australia’s official capital city, it being the seat of the Australian government, although most people are more conversant with Sydney. It is an interesting city, given the fact that it didn’t grow organically. Rather, it was consciously designed by architects, and then developed according to those architectural plans.

The end result is a city where pretty much ‘everything is where it is supposed to be’. The fact that it is a planned city shouldn’t, however, be taken to mean that Canberra is a rigid place. Far from it. What we have in Canberra is, instead, a beautiful city, surrounded by considerable swathes of natural vegetation, making it one of the ‘leafiest’ capitals in the world.

Getting around Canberra

For the most part, getting around Canberra will involve the use of the road: as the city doesn’t have a light rail transport system. In as far as the road transport goes though, Canberra has a very efficient bus service. This interconnects the various parts of the city, whilst also connecting the city of Canberra to other adjacent cities and towns. The bus service is government operated, and it is user friendly in many ways.

Unlike many other cities where there are dozens of privately operated taxi services, Canberra is unique in that it only has a couple of taxi companies competing. So if you want to take a taxi in Canberra, you will find yourself having to choose between one operated by the Aerial Capital Group and one operated by the Cabxpress Company.

You can also get around Canberra by foot: it being a pedestrian-friendly city, where, indeed, there are always lots of people walking around.

Then there is the option of cycling around, it being also a cyclist-friendly city.

You can still get in touch with one of Canberra’s car hire companies, if you prefer to explore the city by driving yourself around.

Things to do and see in Canberra


The city is home to the National Gallery of Australia, and this is one interesting place to visit. While going to visit the National Gallery of Australia, you can also make detours to the no so far off Museum of Australian Democracy, and the National Library of Australia. If nothing else, you will love the unique architectures of these places. They do, however, have more to offer.

For nature lovers, there is the Namadgi National Park. Nature lovers will also find the National Zoo and Aquarium interesting, as well as the Canberra Floriade and, in a class of its own, the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Important landmarks you will want to lay your eyes on while visiting Canberra include the Mount Ainslie lookout, the Telstra tower, Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet, Changi Chapel and Mount Pleasant lookout. The Palmer Trigonometrical Station is also interesting in a special way, as is the Corin Dam.

As a golf lover, you can get a chance to tee at the Royal Canberra Golf club, the Capital Public Golf Course or the Federal Golf Club, to mention but a few. You can also enjoy tennis at the Smash Table Tennis or go for horse racing at the ACT Racing Club.

If you love the outdoors, you can go and hire a bike from Mister Spooks Bike Hire, and thereafter get a chance to enjoy biking trails.

While in Canberra, there is chance for you to shop at any of its five major shopping plazas, with some of these plazas having some rather unique offerings. If you are a boutique shopping enthusiast, you can make a point of visiting either Manuka or Kingston: where you may have a chance to get items that you’d have a difficult time laying your hands on elsewhere.

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