Sunshine Coast Coronavirus Covid-19 Alert for Australia

Sunshine coast


Sunshine coast
Sunshine coast

Home to some of Australia’s best developed hospitality facilities, the Sunshine Coast area is found in Queensland (specifically in the south eastern part of Queensland). The Coast is defined by an extensive beach line, totaling more than 50 kilometers.

Like most other parts of Australia, the Sunshine Coast has a rather friendly (mostly warm) climate most of the year. It is home to numerous tourist attractions, where besides the beaches, there are many parks, golf courses and unique cultural attractions.

It is one of those cities where you find that tourism is the main economic activity and whose residents, perhaps being subconsciously cognizant of that fact, tend to remarkably and genuinely friendly. Sunshine Coast is unique, in the sense that it is regarded as being a metropolis – and a considerably big one at that — without an official central business district!

Getting around

Like most parts of Australia, the Sunshine coast has rather well developed transport infrastructure. Getting around should not, therefore, be a major hurdle.

You can choose to get around the Sunshine Coast by ferry. This is assuming that you are in one the areas served by the ferry service. Those areas include Noosaville and Noosa Waters. They also include Tewantin, Noosa Heads and the Northiside.

You can also choose to get around the Coast by bus. There is a well organized public bus system, going by the name Sunbus. If you happen to be in the area catered for by the Noosa Shire Council during the summer holiday, you may actually have a chance to enjoy the free bus service offered in the area.

The availability of rail transport in the Coast depends on exactly where you are. To be sure, there is no rail service on the coastal strip. What we tend to have are bus services, connecting the coastal strip to the railway stations that are further inward. Some parts of the Sunshine Coast enjoy reasonably regular train services, whereas others have as few as just a couple of trains per day.

Things to do and see in the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine coast
Sunshine coast

As we mentioned earlier, the Coast area of Australia is one that is primarily dependent on tourism as an economic activity. This is because it is home to some of Australia’s most remarkable tourist attractions. The upshot is that there is much to see and do in this area.

The coast is, for starters, home to the breathtaking Underwater World Marine Park. Another notable park is the Noosa National Park. Also definitely worth paying a visit to is the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, the Maleny Botanic Gardens and the nearby Kondalilla Falls. You can also go sightseeing at the Elanda Point Education Center and Adventure Park.

The area’s core attraction is, of course, its pristine beaches. Notable among these are the Kings Beach (which is found in Caloundra) and the Noosa Main Beach. The Maroochydore Beaches and the Mooloolaba Beaches are also nice, as are the Marcoola Beaches and the Peregian Beaches. You can also make a visit to the Paradise Beach. Notable about most of these beaches is the fact that although they are in the same area (the Sunshine Coast area), they tend to have unique offerings. The upshot is that what you may get to savor in one beach location turns out to be different from what is on offer at another beach location.

Pretty much every part of the Sunshine Coast has a nice golf course. Notable among those are the likes of Caloundra Golf Course, the Tewantin-Noosa Golf Club and the Horton Park Golf Club: to name but just a few of the Sunshine Coast’s numerous golf courses.

Major amusement parks in the Sunshine Coast include the Ginger Factory, the Top Shots Fun Park and the Coolum Beach-based Sunshine Coast Laser Taq.

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