Surfers Paradise Coronavirus Covid-19 Alert for Australia

Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia gets its name from its wide surf beach. It is definitely one of the nicest places one can go surfing globally: hence the name ‘Surfers Paradise’. It, however, has much more to offer than opportunities for surfing. Surfers Paradise is, in actual fact, a bustling place 24 hours a day: popular for its nightlife and entertainment.

To understand just how much of a paradise it is, you just have to take a look at the numbers of tourists – from all corners of the world — who visit this Gold Coast Capital every year.

The demand for space in Surfers Paradise has brought about the development of high-rise buildings which are actually quite an attraction in their own right. From afar, one gets an impression that the edifices are jutting right out of the Pacific Ocean. So tall are these high-rise buildings that their shadows extent right onto the beaches and into the ocean itself.

Surfers Paradise is a place where people really enjoy themselves. There are nightclubs, pubs and other establishments to guarantee full enjoyment: 24 hours a day. During the Summer, the place looks like a real paradise, full of people – young and old — who are clearly out to enjoy themselves to the fullest with no other care in the world. The place is vibrant in the other seasons too, but during the summer, things definitely go a notch higher. Their are plenty of Asian restaurant serving Thai, Indonesian, Chinese food.

Getting around

It may sound counterintuitive, but the most convenient way to get around is on foot. It, for instance, makes little sense to use a car to move between, say, the Cavill Mall and the beach.

If you must move around in a car, and you are ready to splash some good amount of money in fare payment, you can still take a taxi cab.

Of course, the area, like any other part of the Australian Gold Coast, has bus services. These can be useful if, for instance, you want to go from the actual suburb to one of the further flung beach areas.

Things to see and do at Surfers Paradise

It will be a real pity for you to make a trip to Surfers Paradise, and fail to either make a point of going surfing or at least watching people taking part in this particular form of entertainment on the surf beach. Just a make a point of at least seeing why this suburb is referred to as the Surfers Paradise. It will be greater fun if you actually take part in the surfing. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have the surfing skills, as you can still be taught right here.

Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise

While in Surfers Paradise, you can also take part in fishing expeditions. Alternatively, you can simply go boating. Either way, the whole thing is a thrill. Another real thrill is swimming. Take note, however, of the fact that the water currents in this place can be overwhelmingly strong. The safest areas to swim in are those where you can get help from lifesavers, and they are marked with flags.

Surfers Paradise is home to Australia’s tallest building, known as Q1. You can’t really miss it: it is one of those buildings that are right on the seaside, the tallest of them. Normally, such tall buildings host business offices, but you will be amazed to learn that the Q1 is actually an all-residential building (and the tallest fully-residential building in the world).

If you have the energy for it, you should really try to sample Surfers Paradise nightlife, and understand what so many people find Surfers Paradise irresistible. With pubs and nightclubs of all sorts, this is definitely not just a Surfers Paradise, but also an entertainment paradise.

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