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The foundation of Liege was laid in a chapel in Meuse in 558! It is one of the most historically rich places in Europe. In 705, after the murder of the Bishop, this place became a pilgrim destination. Today, Liege is the most important city in Wallonia.

The first thing to do in such a culture-rich place is to get a Museum pass. This only costs thirteen Euros, and will give you unlimited access to thirteen Museums in this cultural epicenter of Belgium. Like all places that have been touched by Christian history, liege too boasts religious arts not only in museums but also outside. You can visit churches or just observe the old architecture to bask in this cultural glory.


This place boasts ancient art almost as much as 9000 years old! At the Archeoforum villa, one can observe the walls of Gallo-Roman villa, look at ancient roman and Greek art and also look at various forms of religious masterpieces.

The Grand Curtis:

This museum of modern art and history will entertain you in five departments which are artillery, decoration, glass, religion, Mosan and archeology.

Unique Attractions:

Tourists at Liege get a decent opportunity of exploiting numerous unique attractions evenhandedly. There are very few destinations, which have so many rare types of localities to entertain a variety of mindsets.

House of Science:

This is a home to some entertaining machines and experiments, illusions etc.

House of Metallurgy and Industry:

This museum holds objects as old as the 17th century and has a remarkable collection of machinery, energy and computers. You can find here many historical items such as Napoleon’s zinc bath and a real steam engine!


This is a museum of diverse art that only holds art from people who are mentally handicapped. This art is a collection of the contributions of five countries.

Walloon Art Museum

This museum holds collections of paintings and sculptures from Renaissance era.

Sart Tilman Open-Air Museum

Perhaps, the best of its kind, this museum holds murals and sculptures that are unique and precious. Speaking of outdoors, why not visit some historical landmarks? Liege is a place that is more beautiful than any other simply because nature has taken her way here. There are pavements that wind through the most exotic parks where birds of many kinds roam free and provide amazing sights to visitors.

This place has more than 60 listed tourist spots for people who want to indulge in landmarks. If night is falling and you are in the mood of some entertainment and fine dining, be sure to visit the district of The Carre. This is a place like no other because it is a romantic food-street complete with tables on the side-walks and bars that serve you with the finest alcohol.

Be sure to tell the chef your basic preferences and allergies and let them surprise you with savory cuisines that will force you to ask for second helpings! Have a desert of Liege typical waffles and coffees. If you require more intoxication, be sure to order the Peket! Being a component of local cuisine, ‘peket’ is a type of gin that is enjoyed either plain or flavored with lemon, lime etc. Also, there are year round entertainment according to the seasons and months!

January is the prime month for the Liege theatres, where there are special local plays held, where artists can display their talents.

February is the month of photography and visual art festivals that are held in different locations around the city.

March is the festival of engravings where artists from around the world not only gather to display their art but local artists can also create engravings for a small fee.

April is perhaps the most remarkable month because it holds the international festival of detective films. Numerous stars from around the world attend this festival.

May sees two festivals which are the International horseback championships and a Jazz festival for music lovers!

June is the month of gardens and secret corners with parties that go late into the night.

July is also one for music as it boasts an Electro-Rock event!

August is the month of a walking festival with road-side attractions for all who participate in the great parade.

September Retrouvailles is the most touching festival as it means get together. People from all over the world return just to meet and have some fun and the tourism population is high.

October holds the liege organ festival and the official funfair which means carnivals, colors and fun for all!

December has the best Christmas village with snow, trees, Santa and celebration all month until the New Year when a new ride starts all over again!

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