Namur Coronavirus Covid-19 Alerts and Updates

With an interesting history that goes back to the Celtic times, Namur is a Belgian city found at the confluence of River Meuse and River Sambre. It is a beautiful city, in one of those regions of Belgium where French is the spoken language. History has it that this is one of the cities that drew the attention of the Julius Caesar when he managed to conquer this particular region. Namur today has a population of just over 100,000 thousand people. It is commonly classified as a leading Belgian tourist center, thanks to its many attractions.

Getting around Namur

You can get to and around Namur by train, by bus, by taxi, by a hired car or by water.

A considerable number of the people who visit Namur get there by train: thanks to the fact that there is a railway connection between this city and Brussels as well as Liege. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Namur by train and almost a similar amount of time to get there from Liege by train. You also get to enjoy some breathtaking scenery on the way, as you travel to Namur by train.

There is a bus service to and around Namur, with the buses being generally affordable, convenient and comfortable.

You can, further still, take a taxi around Namur. As in any other European country though, you should beware of the fact that taxis in Namur can be quite costly, though in exchange, you get to go wherever you want in considerable comfort.

A viable alternative to getting around Namur in a taxi is that of hiring a car. There is a place where you can hire a car near the main train station. Then, having hired an automobile, you can savor all that Namur has to offer in a personal space.

Thanks to the fact that Namur is to be found in what is essentially a river confluence, there is a boat service that you can use to tour the city (or at least the parts of it that are adjacent to the rivers), and this too can be fantastic.

Further still, there is the option of getting around Namur by foot, this being a modestly-sized city.

Things to see and do in Namur

While in Namur, you should really make an effort to see the citadel. You will have a hard time convincing people that you were in Namur if you didn’t get to see the citadel. Don’t entertain any fears: for the citadel is no longer in military use. So you can actually go inside: it is open to the public. You don’t have to limit yourself to viewing it from outside.

Like many of the other older cities in Belgium, Namur has a belfry, and you should really make an effort to visit it. The Belfry, of course, doesn’t stand in isolation. It is, as a matter of fact, part of Namur’s Saint Auburn cathedral, which is an architectural masterpiece and an attraction in its own right.

If you are an art lover, you may seriously consider paying a visit to the Couvent des Soeurs de Notre Dame. Here, you will have a chance to see, among other things, the famed works of Hugo d’Oignies.

Another sight to behold near Namur is the Maredsous Abbey. If you find it this particular abbey fascinating, chances are that that you will also be fascinated by the Annevoie Castle, which is not so far off.

You should also take time off your busy sightseeing schedule while in Namur to sample the local cuisine, and chances are that you will never quite forget the delicacy of it.

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