Curico Coronavirus CoVid-19 Alert in Chile

Originally founded in 1743 as San Jose de Buena Vista de Curico, it was relocated to the current location due to damp lands in the former site. The current Curico city, that gained it’s city status in 1830, is located about 200 km south of Santiago and 100 km from Linares, Curico. It is clasped between Teno and Claro rivers on the north and south respectively. With a population of nearly 200,000, Curico is the capital of Curico Province in Chile’s Central Valley region. Like many Chilean cities, Curico was destroyed by an earthquake in 1928 and was rebuilt. Curico is turning to be a major communication hub and facilitating trade and commerce links to adjoining agricultural industries.

Getting around

For those arriving in Curico via bus would get down, at the bus terminal at the corner of Avenida Camilo Henriquez and Carmen, close to the plaza. The train station located on Prat, is a few blocks west of the Plaza de Armas. From this terminus, Andimar and Pullamandel Sur operate regular services to Santiago and Talmocur plies to Talco, very frequently. Although other modes of transportation such as rental cars and taxi cabs are possible, they are not as popular.

Top Sight Seeing Places

Fiesta e la Vendimia (Grape Harvest Festival) is a major celebration held at Plaza de Armas, for the locals and lasts 3 days during which Curico bursts into life. This important festival normally occurs around mid-March. One of the major attractions is a fountain wine that offers free-flowing wine to all visitors who get to taste all sorts of wine, produced in the region.

The Plaza de Armas of Curicóis considered to be a bustling rendezvous for many Curico residents. This plaza offers a splendid visual and is one of the attractive plazas in Chile. In 1986, this plaza was declared a ‘Typical Zone’. The formal name is Plaza de lasPalmeras (the Plaza of the Palm Trees) which was christened because of the 60 different species of tree that occupy the plaza grounds. Most of these plants are believed to have been imported from the Canary Islands.

Another main attraction within the plaza area is the Bandstand of the Plaza de Armas. This bandstand built in 1905 displays similarity to the Eiffel Tower. This was commissioned by the then Governor Arturo B Fontecilla. He was so devoted to this project that he chose to share his personal wealth to complete this project successfully. To honor the former Governor and also to protect the heritage, this site in 1978 was declared a National and Historical Monument.
Originally built in 1731 and related to the Franciscan Order, the Iglesia de San Francisco monastery sustained damages in an earthquake. As a result, this monastery was relocated to its current venue by Don Manuel DíazFernándezbrough, the Virgen de la Velilla, to Chile in 1734. It is thought that this is the only existing replica from the Sanctuary of Mata, in Monte Agudo, exported from Spain in 1734. This monastery is located in calle Las Heras with Avenida España.

Outside the city

Located on the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Monte Oscuro is about 50 km from Curico. At Monte Oscuro, one can find at least 12 sites for camping, outdoor swimming, fishing and spring water stream. Patrons can enjoy horse riding, biking, walking on the trails and enjoy the outdoor beauty.

About 48 km northeast of Curico is a village known as Los Queriesis. Approaching from Romeral towards the Andes Mountains, this village serves as a transit point for ranchers and mountain climbers. The two rivers also meet at this village and it has been a tradition for families to camp at this village near the river and fish, as they overlook the Andes and dine the seafood delicacies.

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