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Puerto Montt, meaning Dead Montt, is situated in Southern part of Chile. This small town located north of Reloncavi Sound is filled with celestial glacial lakes, volcanoes and mountainous parks. They serve as the region’s transportation and economic hub. Filled with Chilean working class, this city offers numerous access points to Chiloe, Puerto octay, Patagonia, Frutillar and Puerta Varas and to other southern regions of Chile. Puerto Montt, founded in 1852 and named after the president of Chile, Manuel Montt is filled with German immigrants. This small town in nearly hidden in a V-shaped slit, besides the Andes Mountains.

Getting around

Being a small town, transportation is not an ordeal. Traveling by foot will take tourists to closer attractions. However, the best option is to get a cab or taxi that can ferry to local attractions and Pelluco. The taxis (Colectivos) are a cheap and quick way to travel around.

Keep in mind that Puerto Montt is segmented into neighbourhoods (poblaciones) that appear scattered across the knolls. The Pelluco district is on the east side with numerous restaurants. The western side has the fish market, exit port and the Feria Artesanal, where you can shop. A coastal road Diego Portales connects these two districts.
Several buses leave to several destinations from the bus terminal. Luxury coaches and independent shuttle buses operate to and from select destinations.

Top Sight Seeing Places

Avenue Angelmo Street stalls can be spotted along the busy diesel laden street with numerous makeshift vendor stalls selling artefacts, foods – smoked mussels, seaweeds and other sea food. This street is reachable by bus and taxis and ends in a fishing area, at one end.

Built in 1856 entirely of Alerce, Iglesa Catedral is one of the oldest buildings in town. It is located in the Plaza de Armas area. Nearby is the Museo Juan Pablo that contains a rich collection of artefacts procured from this region. The interpretive exhibits of Monte Verde archaeological excavation found some bones dating back 12000 years.

Adventurists should not miss the Petrohue River Rafting. Engage in adventurous activities through class III and class IV rapids along the Petrohue River. The tour operators provide guests with wetsuits and some light lunches. Guests must be 12 and older and must endure the activity to participate. Some paddling may be required as you are sure to get wet.

The Chilean Government is very keen to protect endangered species. The 150 sq. miles Parque nacional Alerce Andino encompasses the endangered alerce tree that are significant similar to the Giant Sequoias and Redwood in California, dating roughly about 3500 years. Wood from Alerce was used for construction purposes, which resulting in felling of many Alerce trees. This park also has nearly forty lakes which nature lovers enjoy.

If one wants to experience German and Austrian architecture and the immigrant life, a visit to a hamlet ‘Fruitillar’ is a must. This small village borders Lake Llanquihue and is a popular venue for outdoor concerts, in particular the Semanas Musicales de Frutillar, which is a series of weekly outdoor concerts. This small hamlet perfectly preserves the German and Austrian architecture of the immigrants in the late 1800’s; talk about a picture-perfect postcard view! The town edges onto Lake Llanquihue, is filled with flowers and timbered chalets, and if you are lucky, you will be there for the Semanas Musicales de Frutillar, a series of weekly outdoor concerts (mostly classical, some jazz) held during the months of January and February.

Outside the city

Located 12 miles towards the northeast of Puerto Montt is the quaint Puerto Varas also known as ‘City of Roses’, which is very charming and makes it a perfect location for a nice lakeside stroll, near Lake Llanquihue. From here, one can view the tip of a snow-covered Osorno volcano. A craft market and restaurants and cafes offer hot and cold beverages and the raspberry kuchen is delicious.

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