Sightseeing around Buriram New-i-Mobile Stadium

Ban Ta Pek

Phanom Rung Historical Park

Located atop an extinct volcano, this ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva is an impressive example of Khmer Angkor era temple architecture in Thailand. Inscriptions put the name of Prasat Phnom Rung’s creator as Narendraditya, a descendant of the Mahidharapura dynasty and related to King Suryavarman ll, the creator of Angkor Wat. Assorted buildings and galleries all exquisitely carved along a 200-metre long pathway paved in laterite and sandstone, and lined with lotus bud pillars marks the start of your symbolic journey from earth to Mount Meru, the heavenly abode of the gods.

Prakhorn Chai

Prasat Muang Tam

Close to Phanom Rung, this is another Khmer temple built in the early 11th century and dedicated to the God Shiva. Though not as spectacular it is still worth a visit. High walls surround the temple with large gates at the compass points; within the outer wall are L-shaped ponds in each corner. Naga causeways separate these ponds, leading to gates of the gallery that encloses the inner sanctum. Striking gateways in the gallery lead inside to the inner chapels, which are five brick-red towers built on a laterite platform, though only the base of the main tower remains. There are some interesting lintels especially the one of Uma and her consort Shiva riding the bull Nandi.

Chaloem Phra Kriat

Wat Khao Angkhan

Another popular tourist attraction in Buriram, Wat Khao Angkhan, just 20 kilometres from Phanom Rung, sits atop an extinct volcano and has an interesting mix of architecture from various periods. Sandstone boundary markers found here are proof of a past dating back to the 8th and 9th century. Some of the more recent buildings are reminiscent of the old Khmer architecture but with a more updated style. The main building features wall murals and Buddhist legends in English. Other features include an ordination hall surrounded by a wall of Buddha statues, a Chinese-style pagoda and a 29-metre reclining Buddha. An interesting site for families and a group of friends.

Prakonchai Road

Khao Kradong Forest Park

Only six kilometres from the city, this extinct volcano that rises 265 meters high, was previously known as Khmer Phanom Kradong, meaning turtle shell because of its half-moon shape. The surrounding forest is home to squirrels, wild rabbits, various bird species and indigenous plants and trees like the Devil Yoni Tree found only in volcanic areas. Visitors can either drive up the massif or walk up the 297 Naga raj steps, which have Buddha statues in various poses along the way. The pool halfway at the top is said to be the mouth of the volcano and features a suspension bridge across it, while the lava rocks are proof of volcanic activity at one time.