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Ayutthaya United Football Club

Ayutthaya United Football Club (Thai: อยุธยา ยูไนเต็ด) is a Thailand football club based in Sena, Ayutthaya. The club participates in Thai Leagues 3 the third tier of Thai football league system. The team plays their home matches at Ayutthaya Province Stadium.

Prior to 2016 the club was called “Sena Municipality Football Club”. After it was promoted from runner-up Khǒr Royal Cup to Regional League Division 2, the club changed its name to Ayutthaya United.

Sena Municipality football club was established in 2007s. They are the local football team of Sena District, Ayutthaya and they played in amateur football in Thailand called “Royal football cup”.

Khor Royal Cup
In 2008s, Sena Municipality football club has joint in Khor Royal Cup. In 2007/08 season, Sena Municipality were in round of 16 before defeated to Assumption Sriracha School football club 2–3. In 2008/09, they still qualify to final-16 teams and defeated to Hua-Hin Municipality F.C. 0–1.

In Khor royal cup 2013, Sena Municipality qualified in the semi-final. They have a match with Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality Sport School Football Club. Sena Municipality defeated to them 4–2 but still earned a promotion to Khǒr Royal Cup.

Khǒr Royal Cup
In 2014s, Sena Municipality football club played in Khǒr Royal Cup for the first time and they can qualified in round of 16. They were defeated by Institute of Physical Education Bangkok F.C. 1–2. In 2015s, Sena Municipality was qualified to the semi-final. If they win, they will go to final and promote to Thailand Regional League Division. In semi-final, they was defeated to Institute of Physical Education Samut Sakhon F.C. but they still get a promotion because in another semi-final between Air Technical Training School and Pak Chong School Alumni Association F.C. were failure. Those two had a problem in the match. So, it made Sena Municipality get promote.

Ayutthaya United
After Sena Municipality got promote to Regional league division. They requested patent to be corporation called “Ayutthaya United (2015) Company limited” and change club name to Ayutthaya United. The team plays their home matches at Senabordee Stadium , Sena District.

In 19 March 2016, Ayutthaya United played their first football league match at Nakhon Sawan Province Stadium with Nakhon Sawan F.C. Ayutthaya United won 1–0 by the goal of Rungroj Sawangsri, former Thailand national defender. So, he was the first player who score a goal for Ayutthaya United in professional level.

In 7 December 2016, Ayutthaya Warrior were merged with Ayutthaya United.

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