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Lyon is situated between Marseille and Paris. It has a population of about half a million citizens. A perfect tourist destination is famous for its architectural and historical landmarks. Lyon itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you mention gastronomy in France, what comes to the minds of most people is Lyon.

It was known for the production and weaving of silk. The ‘Capital of Lights’ is a title given to Lyon city because of it famous Fete des Lumieres festivals that are held annually on 8th December. Its national football team Olympique Lyonnais that progresses up to Eurpean Football Championships has carried Lyon’s flag higher. The city is a leader in the economic fronts and is well known as a main centre for banking, not to mention the various biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Getting Around Lyon

Moving from one point to another in Lyon is not hard at all because there are different means of transport. You can opt for public transport that includes metros, buses, taxis and trams. They offer convenient and rapid means of getting around Lyon and its suburbs. Although all the means of transport are comfortable enough, taxis are more convenient and fast. You might want to enjoy the comfort of driving yourself around and taking your time at the different attractions that you will visit. In that case, the best option will be to go for car hire services.

Car hire companies are available across the city and the specific ones are at the airport and railway stations like Perrache and Part-Dieu. Shop around for the best offers because the firms offer prices that will suit different budgets. The use of a bicycle may not be in your plan because purchasing one for use over the holiday will not be feasible considering that you will not need it after that. You can however enjoy a bicycle ride to various sites thanks to bicycle rental services like Velo’v. A bicycle ride is the cheapest and simplest way to get around Lyon and enjoy your sightseeing.

Walking around helps you to exercise your body and because some of the sites are not located far away, you can take a walk and explore the beautiful sceneries of this great city. Great places to walk around are like the new banks of River Rhone, the old side of the city with its narrow streets and Tete d’Or Park. Explore Lyon at your own comfortable pace!

What to See in Lyon

Lyon may lack the famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty but by its diverse neighborhoods have a lot to offer to the tourists who visit this city. Its architectural marvels are comparable to none and the best way to explore this city is by deriving your own plan that will enable you see the ancient church buildings, parks, traboules and many more that are accessible free of charge.

There are daily entry charges that are required when you want to visit the various museums in Lyon. Visit any tourist office to get the Lyon City Card that has different values according to the days that you will need to tour the museums. The card costs 21, 31 and 41 Euros for 1, 2 and 3 days respectively. The card allows you unlimited access to attraction sites at reduced rates.

Place Nearby to Visit in Lyon

The following are other areas that you can visit when you tour Lyon.
Ile Barbe – A charming island on river Saone that turns out to be the only inhibited island in this city.
Etats-Unis Nieghbourhood – Built back in 1920s by the famous architect Tony Garnier, the neighborhood is a great masterpiece that shows the ideal works of the architect.
Musee Vivant du Cinema – The museum holds great history about cinema, shown through different film excerpts and items.

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