Bali Travel Guide


After the recent bomb blasts in Bali there was a ripple among all the globe trotters but in spite of all that Bali remains a hot favorite among the tourists who come to Indonesia for a trip. Bali is full of magic and enchantment that thrills the occasional tourist with its culture and exotic tropical beauty. There are paddy fields extending to the horizon and there are hill tops and mountains – all of which makes up for a beautiful backdrop.

Bali thus becomes a haunt for all those painters and artists and photographers who dream to visit a place of such beauty. The landscape of Bali is so beautiful that every landscape artist would want to portray that on canvas. Those who love photography would find there perfect dream destination. The people of Bali are extremely hospitable and warm hearted.

Bali is famous as the land of the gods. Over here the climate is pleasant – there is abundance of rain as well as of sunshine. July to early September is the time to visit this place – this is the busiest time of year in Bali.

Bali can be reached via airway as most international flights from all the continents of America, Europe, Australia and Asia take off for Bali. Cruises also arrive to this place. Domestic flights and ferries can also be taken from the other parts of Indonesia to come here.

Place to visit in Bali

There are a lot of places one can visit in Bali. The places of interest are Sanur Beach and Kuta Beach, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Ubud, Goa gajah, Klungkung etc.

The beach Sanur has a lot of myths and legends associated with it. It is more of a spot related to legends rather than an attraction for its unique beauty. The white sand of the Kuta beach is quite an attraction. Besakih is said to be the holiest temple in Bali. Then there is the beautiful Mount Batur with a lake of its own.

Tourists find Bali to be very attractive and interesting mainly because of the various activities that goes on here. Among these bungee jumping is a favorite.

The thrill of jumping from the highest spots is just beyond words. There is also a waterfall jump in Bali which gets the adrenalin pumping. Paragliding is another such activity in which tourists take part. Swimming and surfing is of course a regular activity at the various beaches of Bali. One can even go scuba diving in Bali but it is pretty expensive. It is made sure that all the activities are safe and at the same time very exciting. Windsurfing, waterskiing, jet skiing – everything can be done over here. Bali is the place where every adventurer would want to be. It offers the experience of a lifetime.


The various modes of transportation over here are the taxis, buses and bemos. At times the place is so over crowded with foreigners and tourists that one faces a lot of traffic. Bali is certainly one of those places where a globe-trotter wants to be at least once.

Accommodations in Bali

Bali has a huge supply of accommodations from small guesthouses to luxury resorts. One option would be is rent a private villa or a house with a private pool. For a list of resorts on Bali, please visit our Bali Accommodations website.

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