Bintan Travel Guide

For those who come to visit Singapore and Indonesia, Bintan is a must visit. Bintan is situated very near to Singapore but still a valid passport and a visa is necessary to visit Bintan. There is a clear difference between the southern and northern life style in Bintan. The northern portion appears to be a part of Singapore. The place is full of resorts and hotels for tourists such as the Banyan Tree Bintan Island. The southern part is little suited for newcomers. Here the climate is pleasant all the year round and so tourists arrive at any time of the year.

Bintan is a favorite for divers as this place is rich in marine life. Various species of sea animals and plants can be found underwater. From squids to snails, from various fish to oyster – everything can be seen. Dolphins are also not a very rare sight and so this place is very enjoyable to those who love to experience the variety and diversity of sea life.

History of Bintan

Bintan is a historical place as for more than 3000 years the islands of this part were among the busiest trading centers of the world. The Dutch had control over the territories for a long time and they influenced the life of these islands to a great deal even today this influence is clearly evident in the many parts of the region.

Tourist Attraction on the Island

The places of tourist attraction over here are numerous like Penyengat Island, Maritime Culture and a mangrove tour on a boat through the river. For people who love history and are interested to visit historical places Penyengat Island is a must see. There are so many historical monuments and spots over here that are sure to enchant the curious student of history. There is to be seen a 170 years old mosque. There is a handwritten Koran that is kept inside this dome shaped mosque for over the years.

People who love nature and love to be closer to it would mostly enjoy the mangrove tour on a boat. This is a delightful experience which is to be remembered a whole lifetime. Many species of animals and birds are to be seen on the banks of the river when traveling on the boat. The Purple Helon is a main attraction being one of the largest Asian birds. Then there are sliver leaf monkey, the monitor lizard and, the Kingfisher and the signature yellow-and-black banded mangrove snakes.

Maritime culture is of course a major attraction. It reveals the beauty and the exotic nature of the sea life here in these islands. Bintan Islands is a place where a vacation can be enjoyed thoroughly. With its charming beauty and rich sea life and lively river banks the islands provide too much attraction for the tourists visiting Indonesia as well as Singapore.


The best mode of transportation within the islands is of course a boat as the whole place is surrounded by the sea and rivers, which makes land travel nearly impossible. Bintan is a place where one notices the merging of the two cultures of Singapore and Indonesia.

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