Tehran Travel Guide

Historians say that the history of Tehran goes back as far as the eleventh century.However, it became to get more noticed in the late thirteenth century when a famous writer described it as the center for Rey. The writer described that the inhabitants were rebellious people who didn’t so much as fight the governor’s or the government’s rule as much as themselves. The situation was so bad that there were twelve districts and one person of the other wouldn’t speak to the other without much bloodshed.

There are many places to visit in Tehran, being such a historical country.

A list of them is as follows:

Treasury of National Jewels:
The treasury is located in a high-security museum.This holds a collection of prized crown-jewels from all around the world. The world’s largest pink diamond is also on display here.

Golestan Palace:
The palace complex has a huge garden with smaller gardens divided into different types of sections. The interior of the palace is made of the most expensive types of Marble with different halls and rooms. There are many halls which are to greet different types of guests. Some are for royal events whilst others are for events in honor of foreign guests. The hall has one room dedicated to art where the most famous pieces are paintings by Iran’s most famous artist, Mr. Ghafari, a.k.a Kamal al Mulk.

Milad Tower:
Milad tower is the tallest tower in Tehran. It stands at a height of 435 meters and is a famous tourist attraction due to the beautiful artwork on it.

Niavaran Palace Complex:
The Niavaran Palace Complex is a mixture of history and perfection. It was once home to the Shah of Iran and is thus a place of extreme luxury. Today, it stands as a museum a mere 35 years after being resided in by the Shah.Tehran Bazaar:
The Tehran Bazaar is an excellent place to shop and buy souvenirs on a bargain. The place has small shops for affordable foods, shoes, clothes and some cheap but intricate jewelry. It is a must-go place for anyone who wants to see true Iranian culture and maybe take a bit of it with themselves.

National Museum of Iran:
Being the capital of Iran, Tehran has the best museum in the country. The museum proudly displays recent art with ancient. There are special displays for ceramics, sculptures, jewelry and seals dating back to the fourth and fifth century BC.

Tochal Complex:
The Tochal complex is a snow resort located near the outskirts of Tehran. It is a great place to go skiing, hiking or mountain climbing. The best place to visit if you are looking for snow is a late autumn or winter.

Azadi Tower:
This is a busy place so if you are afraid of large crowds, visit during office hours on a weekday. The building is designed remarkably well and is beautiful inside out. It is a landmark of Iran’s independence.

Sadabad Palace:
Sadabad palace was one of the last places the Shah of Iran resided in. Today, visitors roam in these splendid halls and marvel at the luxury of the place. The walls are covered in artwork. Lush and most exotic carpets cover the marble floors. Some people even refer to it as a ‘glass castle’ fondly.

Jamshidieh Stone Garden:
This is a good hiking site and a place for families and visitors to have picnics while enjoying a feeling of nature quite close to civilization. The garden is maintained in such a way as to seem perfectly natural; however, it is surrounded by magnificent hotels for the people who want to complete a picnic by visiting a spot for good Iranian and intercontinental food.

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