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Barolo Coronavirus Covid-19 Holidays 2020 to Piedmont Italy

Barolo is a little city in the Piedmont region of north west Italy. It is part of the larger Langhe wine growing region. It is world famous for the red wines made there from the nebbiolo grape.

Get in

Barolo is located south of Alba. While there is bus service from Alba or other nearby cities, you need a car to get to Barolo and get around the area effectively.

From Milan, take the A7 Autostrada toward Turin. Near Tortona, exit onto the A21 Autostrada toward Asti Est. Exit A21 at Asti Est and follow the signs to Alba. 146km.

From the Turin Sud entrance to the A6 Autostrada, take A6 in the direction of Asti. Exit onto the A33 Autostrada. Exit A33 at Cherasco onto SP 12. From SP12, make a left onto SP 3 in the direction of Barolo. Continue on SP3. 71km.

From Alba, follow the signs on SP3 south to Barolo. It is 15 km from Alba to Barolo.

There is a free car park on the left as you enter the town. You can park there and get to any of the sights in Barolo in a few minutes on foot. The streets are quite narrow, so parking in the car park is a good idea.

Get around

Barolo is easily walkable, although some of the streets are quite steep. You can walk the entire town in 30 minutes.

Sightseeing in Barolo

Barolo is a world famous wine city, and is the namesake city for the “king of wines and the wine of kings.” Barolo is a very scenic small town. The surrounding countryside is stunning. There are some very stunning views from the Castello Falletti. However, if you are not interested in wine, there is not much to see or do in Barolo. For the non-wine lover, it is probably not worth the drive up from Alba.

The most scenic spot in town is the Castello Falletti which is located in the center of town. The Castello Falletti contains a number of interesting sights, including a museum and an enoteca. The Castello was built in the 10th century for protection against marauding Huns. Parts of the original 10th century keep are still standing, although much of the original structure was destroyed by the Savoyards in 1544.

  • Castello FallettiPiazza Falletti (center of town).  Daily 10AM-12:30PM and from 3PM-6:30PM, closed ThursdayGuided tours available in Italian English, French, and German. € 3.50 regular entrance; € 2.00 discount ticket: children 6 to 18, seniors.

A number of the most famous Barolo crus (specific vineyards) are located just outside the town of Barolo. For example, the cru Cannubi is on the south facing hillside on your right just before you enter the town on the road from Alba.

What to do in Barolo

Taste wine. Taste more wine. Buy wine. There are several good wine shops in town, and a number of famous producers have tasting rooms in the town. Many of the wine shops in town stock aged Barolos from as far back as the 1980s. The owners of wine shops typically have bottles open for tasting, and may open a specific bottle for tasting on request.

One prominent producer with a tasting room in the town is Marchesi di Barolo, Via Alba 12, Tel. 0173/564400, Fax: 0173/564444.

Do some hiking in the surrounding countryside.

Shopping in Barolo

There in an enoteca in the basement of the Castello Falletti, the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo.. You can’t miss the Castello Falletti – it’s the castle at the top of the hill in town and it appears in almost every picture of the town. This enoteca has a lot of local wines from recent vintages and charges € 5 for tasting three wines and € 2 for one wine.

  • Enoteca Regionale del BaroloPiazza Falletti ,  fax+39 0173 560512Daily 10AM to 12:30PM and from 3PM to 6:30PM, closed Thursday.

There are a number of other good wine shops in town, located near the Castello Falletti. Other shopping in Barolo is limited. This is not a shopping town, it’s a wine town.

Where to eat in Barolo

  • La CantinettaVia Roma 33 ,  fax+39 0173 56198.
  • Locanda nel Borgo AnticoCascina Lo Zoccolaio località Boschetti 4 ,  fax+39 0173 560935.
  • Osteria La Cantinellaia Acqua gelata, 4/a.
  • Ristorante BrezzaVia Lomondo 2 ,  fax+39 0173 560026.
  • Ristorante del Buon PadreVia delle Viole 30 ,  fax+39 0173 56192.


There are a couple of small bars in town, but wine is the main attraction.

  • Bar Antico CaffèVia Acqua gelata 3 ,  fax+39 0173 56116.
  • DiVin Cafè s.n.c.Via Roma 25.

Where to stay in Barolo

  • Locanda della Posta di BaroloPiazza Municipio 4 (Located in town) ,  fax+39 0173 56385Breakfast included. English spoken. Singles € 50, doubles € 70-80.
  • Cà San PonzioVia Rittane 7 (Frazione Vergne,3 km from Barolo) ,  fax+39 0173 560510 Restored farm house. Breakfast not included in price. Singles € 46-52, doubles € 62-68.
  • Hotel BaroloVia Lomondo 2 ,  fax+39 0173 560026 Breakfast included. English spoken. Singles € 65-75, doubles € 90-100.

Go next

Visit nearby wine towns:

  • La Morra
  • Serralunga d’Alba

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Covid-19 Italy
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