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Bibione Coronavirus Covid-19 Holidays 2020 to Veneto Italy

Bibione is a seaside town in Veneto, Italy.

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Travel to Bibione by car

From Venice: Take the A4 / E55 east from Venezia for approximately 86km. Take the S7 near Ronchi and follow the signs to Bibione via SP74 for another 20km or so. This route will rack up 3.30 E in tolls (as of April, 2008, however taking local roads will more than double your journey time. Local roads are relatively well maintained and signposted.

From Trieste: Take the A4 / E70 west from Trieste for approximately 80km. Take the S7 near Ronchi and follow the signs to Bibione via SP74 for another 20km or so. Includes 2.70 E toll.

Fly to Bibione

The closest airport with regular international connections is Marco Polo Venice Airport   , approximately 110km from Bibione. Pick up your car here, as local transport options shouldn’t be relied on.

What to do in Bibione

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Being a beachside resort, Bibione’s main attraction is its beach. Nevertheless, if you’re not staying in one of the beachfront hotels (where most hotels are anyway), you may find things a little cramped, as the entire beach is sectioned off with each hotel having hundreds of umbrella/chair/deckchair units neatly arranged along the beach.

Along the main street in town (Via Orsa Maggiore) you will find many restaruants, bars, shops. Orsa Maggiore really comes to life in summer evenings, and is packed with Italians on their holidays and smaller numbers of foreign tourists.

Where to eat in Bibione

  • Pizzeria da PaoloVia Lemene, 51.  Popular pizzeria with average prices. Sometimes all the tables are occupied in the evening and you may have to wait a few minutes before you get a seat.

Where to stay in Bibione



  • Hotel Garni Renania ,  fax+39 0431 439321Via Acquario 41, 30020 Bibione (San Michele Al Tagliamento), Venezia. Hotel Garni Renania offers a good compromise between price and quality of accommodation, also in high season period. Reference prices: BB: 33€-43€ per person for night.
  • Princess ApartHotel, Via Del Sagittario 28, 30020 Bibione, Venezia. Ph. +39 3431 438905 Fax. +39 0431 438907,  . Four stars class hotel in Bibione, near the Adriatic sea.
  • Zecchinel Hotels Group.

Hotel Montecarlo, Via Veneto, 27 – 30020 Bibione lido del Sole, VE Ph. +39 0431 43541 Hotel Victoria, Via Venere, 14 30020 Bibione, Ph. +39 0431 43497

  • Costa Rica Bibione Aparthotel (Costa Rica Aparthotel), Via Dei Gemelli, 59 – 30028 Bibione (VE) ,   Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 11:30Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aparthotel with bright and modern suites


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Covid-19 Italy

Covid-19 Italy
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According to the Government in Italy, Italy has confirmed 379 new Covid-19 infections within Italy in the last 24 hours and furthermore 9 deaths have been reported throughout Italy. With the new deaths of 9, Italy now has a total of 247,537 Coronavirus/Covid-19 infections and the official death rate reported by the government of Italy is 14.2%. 35,141 died in Italy.

Covid-19 Italy

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