Arnhem Travel Guide

Arnhem is one of the bigger cities in the eastern side of the Netherlands. People who have studied its history tell us that it was founded in the year 1233, though it is worth noting that there were people living and working where the city of Arnhem stands today since the Neolithic age.

Arnhem is one of the cities that were once fortified with defensive walls, and one of the cities that have had truly fierce battles fought over. It is also one of the places where decisive battles in the Second World War were fought. The specific battle in question there is the one known as the battle of Arnhem, which took place in September 1944.  Actually there were two battles of Arnhem, because unknown to many people is the fact that there was a replay of war here in the year 1945. In the first and more famous Battle of Arnhem, what was really being fought for was control of the bridge which was at the spot that is today occupied by the John Frost Bridge.

 Unlike other cities in the Netherlands that have started attracting tourists in the recent past, Arnhem is one city that has always attracted tourists since the days of the agrarian revolution. This state of affairs is attributable to Arnhem’s unique beauty, which was discovered hundreds of years ago.

Today, Arnhem is an important cultural center, with quite a number of notable tourist attractions and reasonably well developed hospitality amenities to cater for the sizeable numbers of people who make a point of touring the city.

Getting around Arnhem

Arnhem happens to be the only city that is served by trolleybuses in the entire Netherlands. So you make use of these, to explore the city and its famed beauty.

Companies like Hertz, Europcar and KAV rent out cars, and you can hire one, fuel it and drive around Arnhem in it. The rates at which the cars are hired are not exactly low, and having hired a car, you will have to pay for parking if you are going to the parts where parking has to be paid for. Arnhem is not shy about the fact that it is keen on discouraging people from taking cars to the city center, and to that end, it charges hefty parking fees (in the said city center).

Near the Railway Station at Arnhem, there is a place where you can go and request to hire a bike. Arnhem is not one of those cities where getting a bike to move around on is something to rack your brain over. In fact, as you will come to discover, there are very many people (some of whom are visitors and some of whom are residents) who hire bikes on a day to day basis, and then use them to get around Arnhem.

Taxis too are available in Arnhem, but at almost crazily high rates.

The terrain of Arnhem and the manner in which its streets are constructed, especially in the city center which has relatively little vehicle traffic, also make it possible to get around by foot.

Things to see and do in Arnhem

There is very much to see in Arnhem, including the Airborne Museum, the Water Museum, the Wine Museum, the Openluchtmuseum and the well-known Kroller-Muller Museum. In Arnhem, you also get to see the Eusebius Church (from whose top you can have a breathtaking, bird’s view of the entire Arnhem city and its environs).

While in Arnhem, you really need to make some time to visit the Burgers Zoo and the National Park Hoge Veluwe. You can go shopping in the Arnhem city center, on streets like Rijnstraat and Ketelstraat. You can also get to watch a movie at a place like Rembradt or at Filmhuis.

You have a chance to enjoy yourself at Arnhem’s fine parks, including Park Presikhaaf, Park Sonsbeek and Meinerswijk which is found right on river Rhine.

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