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Enschede Coronavirus C0Vic-19 Alerts Netherlands

Enschede is one of the major towns in the eastern part of Netherlands and lies just a few kilometers away from the border of Germany. The town lies in the district of Enschede and is well known for its unique experience of both urban and village life. Enschede also offers excellent facilities, high quality life and many fascinating attractions. The town also has a lot to offer in terms of education, with the country’s only university with a campus, the Twente University, being located here. This location is also known to be a good place for entrepreneurs to start up their business.

Getting around

Being a crowded place, finding parking spaces in Enschede would be really tough. Hence, it is best recommended to explore the town on foot or ride around on a bicycle. The Public transport also is well developed and one can certainly avail that to move around.

The city of Enschede has a lot to offer when it comes to sports and recreational activities or shopping and leisure. Being one of the greenest cities in Netherlands, Enschede is well known for its Public Parks. The ‘Het Rutbeek’ is one of the most famous and active parks in Enschede. This recreational park has year-around activities for visitors both, young and old; beaches, sun bathing, meadows, water activities like scuba diving, water-skiing sailing and swimming, mountaineering sports like cycling, mountain biking and several others. This park is also a spot for organizing various events and dance festivals.

One can also look to visit ‘Go Planet Parc’, which is the biggest park in North-East Netherlands. The park is conveniently situated next to the Enschede Drienerlo railway station. The park has a concert hall, a 10 screened movie theatre, a scuba tower, an indoor kart track and a wide range of bars and restaurants to cater to your needs.

Enschede is a place where you can experience the diversity of both an urban and a rural area. As soon as the urban area ends, you will encounter a diverse landscape having several routes for hiking and cycling. One of the famous cycling routes one can explore is the 52 kms long ‘Rondje Enschede’ route. In addition to exploring the beauty of Enschede along this route, one can also find various unique spots, art galleries and several resting and refreshment points.

For those who get energized with the refreshing feel of beer, you must go on the ‘Grolsch Brewery Tour’. Here, you can explore the beer brewing process under the guidance of an expert and also get to taste the beer at various stages of brewing. One can also have a relaxing drink at the Grolsch’s café.

Sport lovers, especially football fans would love this; The Grolsch Veste – an excursion through the Football Club Twente. Here you will get a good experience of walking through the Football Club Twente tunnel and can also visit the player’s dressing room.

If you are looking for a location to have a thrilling evening, there is the ‘Holland Casino Enschede’. The place is most apt for having an entertaining dinner with your family, a bachelor’s party or maybe even a business session or a conference; the Holland Casino Enschede can take care of these all.

Outside the city

Those interested in experiencing the authentic steam engine, must visit the ‘Buurtspoorweg Museum’. Here you can have a lunch or dinner ride aboard a steam engine locomotive that rides along a 125 year old railway track, via a railway station built in 1884 and lies in between Haaksbergen and Boekelo. The museum will take you back in time to give you the experience with its classic locomotives and carriages along with the train driver, conductors and firemen dressed in their traditional attire.

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