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The Bizarre Life of Jan Marsalek, the Number 2 at Wirecard – Eating Sushi from a naked woman’s body


The name Jan Marsalek now stands for one of the largest economic scandals in Germany. With Wirecard AG, he managed to deceive all authorities for years and to accumulate considerable assets.

But who is behind this apparently grandiose manipulator, who is ONE OF the Faces behind the Wirecard fraud?

As always polite and sometimes charming with its light Viennese dialect, acquaintances Marsalek described here on IsaanLive.

But there is said to be more to this bourgeois facade and an acquaintance describes Marsalek to the newspaper as “one of the most ripped-off guys I’ve ever seen”. It was probably this rip-off that gave him an unprecedented career. At the age of 30, he was promoted to Wirecard’s Board of Directors – without studying and even without a high school diploma. 

Systematic fraud

He systematically made the company appear much larger and more powerful than it actually was. However, Marsalek as a person always remained out of the public eye and did not show up at press conferences. Even within the company, he was a mystery: “He was the type who always closed his notebook when you got too close,” a manager told the ” FAZ “.

As the “SZ” reports further, a bizarre private life is said to have hidden behind the secretiveness of Marsalek. He allegedly created and distributed “enemy” diagrams and celebrated extravagant parties. There is talk of champagne bills in cash worth several hundred thousand Euros and sushi served on a woman’s naked body.
At the same time, the ex-Wirecard board is said to have been constantly put money in his own pockets. Acquaintances estimate that he amassed a three-digit million fortune and also made close contacts that could help him in his current situation.
An international arrest warrant has now been issued against Marsalek and the Wirecard fraud has been exposed, among other things, market manipulation with falsification of the balance sheet.

Escape to China?

While the former Wirecard boss Markus Braun has already turned himself in to the German authorities, his right hand has disappeared. He said that he would not face the judiciary from his l

marsalek1000x600ocation and it is said he has been to the  Philippine city of Cebu and and then continue a flight to Chongqing, but Marsalek could not been tracked on any CCTV video at the airport and their were no flights to China, as we reported last week.

The data, which should document the entry and exit of the former board member Jan Marsalek at the end of June, have been falsified, said the Philippine Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra on Saturday. This resulted in an examination of the recordings of surveillance cameras, passenger lists and other material.

“The immigration officials who made these fictitious entries have been released from their duties and are now facing administrative penalties,” Guevarra said, without quoting the exact number of employees and he ordered further investigations into the case.

So was the supposed trip to Asia just a “possible diversion” to cover up the actual escape? Marsalek could be gone for a long time as he has the money, the contacts – and, as is well known, no scruples.

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