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Thailand Facts

sukhothai1000x600 sukhothai1000x600
Thailand2 months ago

History of Thailand

The earliest identifiable Thai kingdom was founded in Sukhothai in 1238, reaching its zenith under King Ramkhamhaeng in the 14th century before...

khaosan1000x600 khaosan1000x600
Central Thailand3 months ago

Khaosan Road Expat Travel Guide

Backpackers in Khaosan find Khaosan Road located in Bangkok’s Banglamphu a very popular hangout. The backpackers are looking for bargains...

Wat Lat Krabang Wat Lat Krabang
Bangkok8 months ago

Wat Latkrabang 2009 Bangkok Photo Gallery

Please enjoy your photo gallery from Wat Latkrabang Bangkok which I took in 2009

Wat Poh Gallery Wat Poh Gallery
Bangkok8 months ago

Wat Pho Reclining Buddha Bangkok Gallery

Bangkok8 months ago

Wat Arun Bangkok Photo Gallery 2009

Please enjoy our photo gallery from Wat Arun Bangkok which I took in 2009

Wat Poh Gallery Wat Poh Gallery
Thailand9 months ago

Traditional Culture of Thailand

When outsiders speak of ‘Thai culture’ they’re referring to a complex of behavioral modes rooted in the history of Thai...

nationalpolice1000x600 nationalpolice1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

Dangers & Annoyances in Thailand

Although Thailand is in no way a dangerous country to visit, it’s wise to be a little cautious, particularly if...

Aranyaprathet1000x600 Aranyaprathet1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

How to get to Thailand from Cambodia

As of early 1998, there has been a legal border crossing between Cambodia and Thailand at Aranya Prathet, opposite the...

songkran1000x600 songkran1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

Thai Public Holidays & Special Events in Thailand

Thai Public Holidays in January Don Chedi Monument Fair Held at the Don Chedi memorial in Suphanburi Province, this event...

Chumphon1000x600 Chumphon1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

Diving in Thailand

Thailand’s great diving has long been kept somewhat of a secret from the world. Residents of Southeast Asia and those...

don-mueang1000x600 don-mueang1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

Travel from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok city

Don Mueang is 25 km (15 mi) from the city center of Bangkok. The road is often congested with traffic...

Ko Samet1000x600 Ko Samet1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

National Parks of Thailand

Thailand has some 50 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries covering more than 25,000 square kilometres. Evenly spread throughout the kingdom,...

Three Pagodas Pass1000x600 Three Pagodas Pass1000x600
Thailand9 months ago

How to get to Thailand from Myanmar

Several border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar are open to day-trippers or short excursions in the vicinity. As yet none...

Thailand6 years ago

Phuket 2014 Photo Gallery

Bangkok10 years ago

Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew Gallery 2009

Please enjoy your photo gallery from the Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew which I took in 2009

Sakon Nakhon Wax Candle Procession1000x600 Sakon Nakhon Wax Candle Procession1000x600
Thailand13 years ago

Thailand 2007 Photo Gallery


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