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People's Republic of China

Coronavirus Covid-19 Holidays 2020 to Anhui Province, China

Anhui Province Travel Guide

Anhui (安徽; Ān​huī​) is a province in the southern central region of China. Historically, it is a relatively poor agricultural province, and over the past few decades it has been one of the main suppliers of cheap migrant labour to more prosperous coastal provinces, mainly in nearby East China. In the 21st century, Anhui has begun developing quite a bit of modern industry.

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  • Hefei – the capital, near the center of the province
  • Bengbu, in the North of the province
  • Wuhu, to the Southeast, close to Nanjing
  • Ma’anshan

Other destinations

  • Xidi and Hongcun – two ancient villages in Southern Anhui – are on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

About Anhui

Anhui is less than three hours from Shanghai by high-speed train. With the Yangtze River and Huaihe River crossing it, it is divided into three parts: South Anhui, Middle Anhui, and North Anhui. It has a semitropical climate with four distinct seasons.

Formed in the seventeenth century is the Chinese province of Anhui.

Anhui province has no logical theory or traces of existence before the 17th century. With the present day Henan Province, Northern Anhui mostly follows the culture of the North China Plains. With the watersheds of Huai He River, Central Anhui constitute most of the fertile and densely populated area.

It follows the culture closer to that of the province of Hubei. However, the population in the hills of southeastern Anhui follow their very own distinct and so many diverse cultures.

Topographically, the Anhui province is very diverse. The north central area of the province is part of the Huai He river watershed with the north belonging to the North China Plains. These two areas are densely populated and are the landscape is a lot flatter.

As we go towards the south, the land becomes uneven in most part of the southwestern Anhui. It is occupied by the Dabie Mountains and a series of hills and ranges passing through the southeastern Anhui. In between these two mountains flows the Yangtze River towards the south. Lotus peak is the highest peak in Anhui with an altitude of 1873 m. It is a part of the Huangshan Mountains in southeastern Anhui.

Huai He, located in the north and the Yangtze in the south are the two important rivers in the province of Anhui. With an area of over 800 square kilometers, Lake Chaohu occupies the center of the province of Anhui. It is the largest lake along with many other lakes in the southeastern part of the province near the Yangtze River.

There is slight difference in the climate of Anhui province with respect to the northern part of Anhui and the southern part of Anhui Province.

The temperature in the north has more temperate with clear seasons. The temperature in the month of January is around -1 to 2oC on to the north of Huai He, and is 0 to 3oC to the south of Huai He; 27oC is the average temperatures in the month of July and major rainfall occurs in the month of June and July with rare cases of flooding.

Anqing, Bengbu, Bozhou, Hefei, Huangshan City, Huainan, Ma’anshan and Tongling are the major cities of Anhui Province in the People’s Republic of China.

Places to visit in China’s Anhui Province
UNESCO has recognized Ancient places such as Xidi Village, Mount Huangshan and Hongcun Village as the World Heritage Site along with Mount Qiyun, Mount Tianzhu, ancient town of Tunxi and Mount Jiuhua are some of the places to visit in the province of Anhui.

Where to go next

  • Jiangsu
  • Shanghai
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangxi
  • Hubei
  • Henan
  • Shandong

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