Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Yulong River

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located in the South of the People’s Republic of China, bordering the Gulf on Tonkin in Viet Nam. Guangxi Zhuang was accorded the status of a province during the Yuan Dynasty but in 1949 it received the status as an Autonomous Region.

Guangxi Zhuang has borders with the Province of Yunnan to the West, Hunan Province to the northeast, Guizhou to the North and Guangdong to the Southeast.

History of Guangxi Zhuang

During World War II Guangxi Zhuang was invaded as part of the Japanese Operation Ichigo. The Japanese wanted to seize Hunan-Guangxi railway link and subsequently open a link to French Indochina. As a result of the success of the Operation Ichigo, many important cities of Guangxi Zhuang came under the control of the Japanese.

As it was located in the deep South of the Republic of China, communist forces could not take control of Guangxi and only the People’s Republic of China was established.

Local Economy of Guangxi Zhuang

Guangxi’s main crops are Rice, Maize, Potatoes and Wheat.

Guangxi’s GDP for the year 2007 was 588.6 billion yuan and the per capita GDP was 12,408 yuan.

Touristic Attractions

Guilin was the earlier ancient capital of Guangxi Zhuang and the city is known for its magnificent stunning scenery set by the Lijiang River. Yangshuo is a favored place for backpackers. If you have enough time please visit the Longsheng Rice Terraces inhabited by ethnic minorities of China.

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