Guizhou Province, China

Wumiao (Temple of the God of War) dedicated to Guandi in Anshun.
Wumiao (Temple of the God of War) dedicated to Guandi in Anshun.

The Province of Guizhou in the People’s Republic of China is bordered on the Westen side by the Province of Yunnan, on the East by the Province of Hunan and in the North by the Province of Sichuan.

The Province of Guizhou is covered with mountains however; it is hillier in the west than the eastern and the southern portions of Guizhou. The Yunnan / Guizhou Plateau is located on the Western side of Guizhou Province.

Tourist’s visiting Guizhou, will mainly visit the cities of Duyun, Anshun, Kaili, Qingzhen and/or the city of Liupanshui.

The Climate of Guizhou Province

Guizhou has a subtropical and at times a very humid climate. The temperature ranges between 1oC to 10oC during the month of January and 17o Celsius to 28o Celsius in during the summer month of July. The average temperature throughout the year in Guizhou is normally within 10o Celsius to 20o Celsius.

The Local Economy of Guizhou Province

China’s Guizhou province has a very small economy. Guizhou’s GDP in 2006 was just 225 billion Yuan and the per capita GDP was only 5750 Yuan in 2006. Guizhou main industries are timber, forestry management, mining coal and some gypsum.

Nationalities of Guizhou

China’s Province of Guizhou has minority groups such as the Bai, Tujia, Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Qiang, Dong, Yao, Buyi, Tujia, Shui and Gelao and about half of these counties are self governing prefecture’s or counties.

Touristic Attraction in Guizhou Province

Tourists visiting Guizhou Province can visit the Dong minority group, or take a bus to Southern Guizhou to visit the Drum Tower in the town of Zhaoxing. If you have enough time you may also visit the waterfall of Huangguoshu or learn more about the Dong or Miao Hilltribe culture and tradition in the counties of Diping, Liping and Rongjiang or in the Hills of Guangxi

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