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Вернье Туристический гид
Вернье Туристический гид

Vernier is a lovely little town in the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland.  Within the oldest part of the Vernier Village, people often get married since the background houses have been around for more than two hundred years. Somewhat at odds with the old village, Vernier’s most imposing sights are the block of flats that stretches for 1 km and the huge Lignon residential tower.

History and Geography

Vernier Travel Guide
Vernier Travel Guide

This particular town covers just less than 8 square kms and it is nestled among lakes and rivers.  The languages spoken here are varied with French being the most popular followed by Portuguese, Italian and German among others.

It lies on the outskirts of Geneva itself and is relatively flat.  It is also not far from Lake Geneva and all the tourist attractions on offer there.  The town is just 5 minutes from Geneva airport so it is very handy for tourists and, unusually, it seems that foreigners are beginning to outnumber the locals.  Every year, if the figures are correct, locals are either dying off or moving away leaving the place for those from outside the country.

Best time to go

Although you might think that Switzerland would have some extremes in temperatures, this is only true for the mountainous regions.  In Geneva and surrounding areas, the weather is quite mild all year round.  Obviously it gets quite warm in July and August but not so warm that it is uncomfortable.  Rain is average throughout the year so there is never a bad time to visit.

Getting Around in Vernier

Geneva and its environs, and this includes Vernier, has a great transport system in the form of trams, trolleybuses, trains and even ferries on the lake.  It is extremely easy for visitors to find their way around.

Car ire is available but can be quite expensive so it may be better to hire bicycles instead to explore the area.  Hiring a bike is very simple and there are many sites where they can be found.

Major Attractions and Sights

Vernier Travel Guide
Vernier Travel Guide

Most people will certainly want to visit the International Automobile Museum in Vernier.  Here, enthusiasts are treated to more than 400 exhibits of racing cars, antique and classic cars from all over Europe.  There are even a few prototypes that never made it into production.  For those who visit in March, look out of the largest car show in Europe.

For rainy days, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is a great place to visit.  This is one of the largest yet youngest museums in the area and is stuffed full of all things modern.  There are 4 floors of exhibits to meander around, with more than 3,000 works of art to pore over.  The museum is always alternating different shows so there is something different to see no matter how many times visitors go along.

Vernier really is a suburb of Geneva, so visitors will find that the attractions and places of interest are more likely to be in the city rather than Vernier itself.

The Grand Theatre de Geneve is an opera house set in beautiful surroundings.  The building is an art work in itself and towers over the Place Neuve.  It has been open for around 150 years but was closed temporarily in the 1950s when fire engulfed the building.  It houses the largest stage in Switzerland and puts on opera, dance shows, concerts and other performances of dramas from as far back as the 18th century.

A rather interesting site for history buffs is the Reformation Wall in Geneva.  It was built to honor certain individuals and happenings during the Protestant Reformation.  Look for the wall in the same compound as the University of Geneva which in itself is historical since it was founded by John Calvin.

Being so close to Lake Geneva, those who are staying in Vernier often spend the day on or around the lake on boats or in the parks.  One, known as the ‘Pearl of the Lake’ – La Perle du Lac – is one of the prettier ones.  Reformed from waste land, the park was built from around 1825 and then taken over by Geneva in the following years.

There is also the Botanical Gardens to wander round and this one too has been around since the eighteenth century.  This is a magnificent 28 hectares of land right on the dge of Geneva where people can go to just take in the fresh air or to learn about plants etc.  There are more than 16,000 different specimens from around the world and the whole thing is split into different sections to make it easier to see.  One is a garden of ‘smell and touch’ while another is specifically designed for families near the lake.

We all know that Switzerland is renowned for its clock makers so to commemorate them, there is a five meter wide floral clock to see.  The flowers are changed each season, all 6,500 of them, and it has been here since 1955.

Of course, a visit to Geneva would not be complete without seeing the magnificent Jet d’Eau (water jet) in the lake, one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It rises to around 140 meters but it is sometimes not operating in winter.

There are plenty of things to do in Switzerland in winter and summer.  To this end, camps have been opened for kids to enjoy some time away from the parents.  Les Elfes is one that has camps all year round for children between 8 and 18.  They get to try out all kinds of different sports, depending on which season they go in, and they also get the chance to mingle with other kids from all over the world.  Languages are taught and the kids get to enjoy a true taste of the outdoors kind of life that is famous in Switzerland.  It also makes them much more independent which is a big bonus for most.

Geneva is home to the European Headquarters of the United Nations.  Add this half day tour to a half day trip to the Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and you have a very interesting full day out learning about two very significant world organizations. If you have an interest in world politics, you can add the HQ of the World Trade Organization to your itinerary too. All three of these places are within 4kms of Vernier.

For a longer day out, a trip to Lausanne will reward the visitor with a lovely display at the Olympic Museum.  Exhibits range from more than two thousand years ago and come right up to modern day examples.  Look for the different examples of the Olympic torches and medals which were introduced in the mid twentieth century.  Pierre de Coubertin, the same man who brought back the modern day Olympics, is the one who had the idea for the museum too.  His idea was to not only embody the ideals that are the Olympics he also wanted to keep exhibits for those who are not yet born.  A sterling idea indeed!

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