Visit the Winterthur Museum of Art or 16 other museums in Winterthur, canton of Zurich

Winterthur Travel Guide
Winterthur Travel Guide

Winterthur is a small city near Zurich in Switzerland and is about the 6th largest city in all of the country.  With around 100,000 people, it is small enough to have a town- like feel where the locals affectionately call it Winti.  Since Zurich is just about 30 km away, most people will stay out of that center to avoid the crowds.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, local companies such as Rieter and Sulzer turned the formally quiet little town into a booming industrial city with an incredible wealth and ever-growing workforce. Diesel engines built in Winterthur powered large ships on all seven seas, while Winterthur-built textile appliances were in service worldwide.

Starting in the 1970s and 80s, blue collar jobs started to be outsourced to countries with lower wages and unemployment rose in Winterthur. Factories were standing still and entire neighborhoods turned into “ghost towns”.

However, the IT and Telco boom as well as smart decisions by the local authorities have helped to redevelop those areas into new economy and urban lifestyle areas with many offices, restaurants, schools and even a go-kart racing track.

Winterthur has also positioned itself as a cultural city with many different museums, among them the Oskar Reinhart Museum am Römerholz exhibitioning modern art, the Technorama science center and the Fotostiftung Schweiz showing Swiss and European photography.

History and Geography

Winterthur Travel Guide
Winterthur Travel Guide

Winterthur has a strong Roman history that dates back to the 1st century.  It wasn’t until five hundred years later that modern buildings went up which in turn became the old city of Winti.  In 1,000 AD walls and a moat was built around the town with towers at the corners.  The Habsburg family aka Hapsburg, and one of the most influential European dynasties, came into power after the Kyburg counts ancestral lines died out.  By 1467 the Habsburgs, in need of cash, sold the entire city of Winterthur to Zurich. The country was ravaged by wars during the French Revolution but the tenacity of the Austrians meant that the French were defeated and kicked out.

In the 1930s, when the Great Depression really took hold, Winterthur suffered very badly since it had become an industrialized nation.  As with most industrial nations, it was the Second World War that put things to rights as the armed forces needed machines etc to fight the war.

Winterthur is around 440 meters above sea level in a sort of basin south east of the River Töss.  Another small river runs into the center of town which gives it its nickname ‘Eulach-City’.  It is surrounded by glaciers and mountains with more rivers nearby.

Best time to go to Winterthur

May to September is quite warm in Winterthur with temperatures in July touching 25°C (77°F) or more.  January and December are the coldest months in this part of the world with temperatures dropping to around 2°C (35°F). Wet days are quite likely, as it rains between twelve and fourteen days in each month throughout the year.

Getting Around in Winterthur

Winterthur Travel Guide
Winterthur Travel Guide

Getting around this city is very easy as the transport system is extremely well run.  It is only 18 minutes by train to Zurich so the attractions of the great city are well within reach.  The Swiss Rail Network carries more than 120,000 passengers per day so there are plenty of trains to access.  The regional train service is also efficient and well run so tourists can visit Konstanz, Romanshorn and other interesting places. With 9 stations around the city, visitors don’t have to look far to access the trains.  There are buses and trolley buses to choose from, including five regional bus lines.

Car hire is available but can be quite expensive plus, if the family is not going far, it is a much better deal to use public transport.  Taxis are also quite pricey but bicycles are quite popular in this part of the world.  Many companies around Winterthur will have them for hire.

By train

There are direct trains to Winterthur train station – from Zurich, Zurich Airport, Berne, Geneva, Saint Gallen, Schaffhausen, Basel and Munich. Winterthur is only 20 minutes away from Zurich or 15 minutes from the Zurich Airport.


  • Swiss Federal Railway for national and international trains.
  • Public transportation company of the Canton Zurich (local buses, boats on the lake of Zurich, trains)

By car

Use the highway from Zurich, St.Gallen, Kreuzlingen or Schaffhausen.

Public Transport

On Public Transport in the canton of Zurich is useful information on getting around and what to do in the canton of Zurich. Use the Swiss Federal Railway Site for Public transport and its fares in Switzerland.

Local car rentals

  • There is Mietauto AG in Töss, take Bus 5 to the station “Schwimmbad”. The car rental is on the other side of the bridge.
  • Künzli Autovermietung AG at the railway station in Oberwinterthur
  • Hertz is right in the city centre at the Kasernengarage.
  • Miet-Transporter in Winterthur Hegi next by the MediaMarkt Shop (Hintermühlenstrasse 4, 8409 Winterthur)

Major Attractions and Sights in Winterthur

Winterthur Travel Guide
Winterthur Travel Guide

The Kunstmuseum – A great place for rainy days in the city, it houses a modern art collection that is renowned throughout Switzerland.  Find examples of cubism, contemporary art and retrospectives along with themed exhibitions at different times of the year.

Eulach Tunnels – Try a visit to the Eulach through the many tunnels which carries the river through the center of the city.  It is possible to travel through the city in the tunnels but those who are claustrophobic should avoid it for sure.

Rosengarten Park – A lovely place to just hang out for the day, it is full of roses and high above the city to give some wonderful views.  The Red Tower in the city is clearly visible from here so this is great for photographers.

The Red Tower – The tallest building in Winterthur, obviously named for the color of its construction materials. There’s a restaurant at the top offering fabulous views.

Fotomuseum Winterthur – This is an interesting place to visit for enthusiastic amateur photographers.  Try to get on the guided tour since this place is the center of excellence for Photography in Europe.  Visitors drop in here from all over the world which gives some indication of its importance.

On the Water – For quite cheap excursions, try jumping on a river bus or lake steamer just for the fun of it.  Although they are meant for commuters really, tourists can get a quick look at the waterfront along the Limmat River or out into the Zürichsee to Tiefenbrunnen.  Tourists can stop off at several points along the route.

The Lake Promenade – Popular with locals and visitors alike, this is a wonderful place for a love walk or picnic in the summer months.  There is a boardwalk which runs from three km towards Tiefenbrunnen.  Halfway along this boardwalk, there is a beautiful valley and meadow where people gather to have fun.

Polybahn Rail – This is a lovely old funicular railway up the steep hill called the Polybahn.  Start out from the tram station and go to ETH.  Or, if this is winter, try going for a ski by buying a combination snow and rail ticket or skipass to Flumserberg which is the largest ski resort in this area.

Street Entertainers – Wandering around the streets is an absolute dream in Winterthur in summer as they have lots of street singers and entertainers.  Look out for the Russians who can make more in one day here than they make in a whole month in their homeland.

Museum Pass – For museum addicts, there is a ticket which allows people to visit many museums on just one ticket.  The special pass also allows the visitor to use the museum bus as well to make it easy to get around a selection of museums in one day or spread over a longer period if necessary.  There is something for everyone in the museums of Winterthur and the different venues offer nature, art, technology and history in its wealth of exhibits.  Art lovers will have a great time as will those who are into science and all its wonders.  Indeed, the Winterthur Science Museum is the only one in Switzerland so it is very popular.  Called the Technorama, people get to play and touch the exhibits and interact with whatever is going on. Also look for the Münzkabinett which houses a beautiful collection of coins and medals from through the ages.

Alpamare Water Park – For kids who need to let off steam, and adults as well if the fancy takes them, then a trip to this water park in Zurich is a must.  Less than twenty minutes on the train will give the family a whole wealth of fun.  There are pools, an almost five thousand feet slide and a rather breathtaking tubular ride called the Balla Balla.  For the adults, find a sauna and spa where they can relax while the kids are having fun.

Zurich Zoo – A great place for a day out and it is open every single day of the year.  There are many rare animals in the zoo and some of them are the only ones in Europe.  Staff members here are only too willing to talk about the animals and give out information and this could make it more interesting for the children.

Rheinfalls – A 45 minute train ride will take visitors to the beautiful Rhine Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in all of Europe.

There are 17 museums in Winterthur. Here you can find more.

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