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Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach or Gladbach, is a German football club in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia. Founded in 1900, Borussia Mönchengladbach play in the Bundesliga, the top tier of the German football league system, making their first appearance in the league during the 1965–66 season. Subsequently, the club became one of Germany’s best-known, best-supported, and most successful teams, winning the Bundesliga five times during the 1970s.

Since 2004, Borussia Mönchengladbach have played at the 54,057 capacity Borussia-Park, having previously played at the smaller Bökelbergstadion since 1919. Borussia-Park is famous for its “Nordkurve” (or North stand), a single-tiered stand. Borussia Mönchengladbach has over 75,000 members as of April 2016 and is the fifth largest club in Germany. Their main rivals are 1. FC Köln, who they compete against in the Rheinland Derby.

“Borussia” is a Latinized form of Prussia, a popular term for German clubs in the former Kingdom of Prussia. The club’s nickname is “The Foals”, coined in the 1970s due to having a young team with a fast, aggressive playing style. They also frequently refer to themselves as Die Fohlenelf (“The Foals’ Eleven”), a nickname displayed on their shirts. The official mascot of the club is the foal Jünter. In October 2016, they briefly adopted the nickname A German Team after a Scottish pub failed to spell the club’s full name on a board advertising a Champions League game against Celtic.

Bundesliga 2019/2020


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Spanish LaLiga to resume again from June 10th


The first league resumes play a between Real Betis against Sevilla FC.

In the Primera División, defending champions FC Barcelona are two points ahead of Real Madrid with eleven games left before the end of the season.

SpainCoronavirus Report
Confirmed (24h)
Deaths (24h)
Deaths (%)
Recovered (24h)
Recovered (%)
Active (%)
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New Covid-19 infections in Iran at their highest


The number of new infections in Iran has risen to the highest level since the pandemic began. The Tehran Ministry of Health reported 3,574 new cases within 24 hours. The number of infections had temporarily decreased, but recently rose again steadily and was now above the record level at the end of March with 3186 new cases within one day.

Iran Coronavirus Report
Confirmed (24h)
Deaths (24h)
Deaths (%)
Recovered (24h)
Recovered (%)
Active (%)

With 59 deaths between Wednesday and Thursday, the number of deaths, however, was reported to be relatively low. The increase in new infections could be due to the fact that more people have been tested, Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said on state television and over a million tests have been carried out so far.

Nevertheless, the Iranian health authorities were concerned about the increasing numbers.

On Thursday, there was a loop on television that warned of compliance with the distance, travel and hygiene rules.

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Travel Restrictions within Sweden to be Lifted

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Brazil’s Opposition Party wants Bolsonaro to be impeached

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva1000x600

The pressure on right-wing extremist President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil increases because of his handling of the Coron crisis. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva accused the incumbent of criminal acts and demanded his impeachment. “There are 35 requests for impeachment in Congress,” Lula said in an interview with CNN.

Brazil Coronavirus Report
Confirmed (24h)
Deaths (24h)
Deaths (%)
Recovered (24h)
Recovered (%)
Active (%)

The left-wing politician Lula accused Bolsonaro of irresponsibility in dealing with the corona pandemic. Brazil is the worst hit by the pandemic after the United States and officially, more than 30,000 people have died as a result of Covid-19..

The conservative President of Parliament Rodrigo Maia did not allow any of the applications for impeachment to be discussed and was  criticized. Bolsonaro had publicly referred to the pandemic as a “little flu”. He opposes the ban on assembly and quarantine measures imposed by state governors. At the same time, the Supreme Court has launched investigations into Bolsonaro for possible interference with the judiciary system.

The Brazilian constitution sets high hurdles for impeachment and the Brazilian House of Representatives and the Senate must vote in the majority to initiate impeachment proceedings againt Bolsonaro.

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Covid-19 infection and Cannabis

The novel pathogen Covid-19 can become a danger to all people due to its high infectivity. At the same time, it is worrying that no standardized treatment options are known so far, with which disease courses can be alleviated and shortened, healing processes can be supported or the development of difficult courses can be slowed down. Whether symptoms appear after infection and how violently they develop depends primarily on the functioning of your own immune system.

Covid-19 infection and cannabis

There is serious evidence that vaporized tobacco-free cannabis could help manage a Covid-19 infection.

In the search for suitable remedies, some patients included the use of cannabis on their own initiative. After all, the already known medical effects of cannabis (including anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-convulsion, enlargement of the bronchi, soothing) underline that the use of cannabis, especially the vaporising inhalation of cannabis flowers, could be a way to alleviate symptoms or to contribute to the healing of the disease. This survey aims to gather the experiences of Covid 19 patients who have used cannabis more or less specifically to cope with their own health situation.

Covid-19 patients are all people who have received a positive test result and have developed no or more or less severe symptoms of the disease. Anyone belonging to this group of people is asked to complete this questionnaire to the best of their knowledge and to make their personal experiences accessible to LimeSurvey.

Also particularly interesting are data that provide information about the further course of an infection / disease over a longer period of time. That is why LimeSurvey plans to collect and evaluate this experience again in four weeks with a questionnaire. It would therefore be helpful if patients provided LimeSurvey with this information via the second questionnaire that is then also available on the website.

The survey is carried out by: Prof. Dr. Gundula Barsch , Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, Eberhard-Leibnitz-Strasse 2, Department of Social Affairs, Media and Culture, 06217 Merseburg and Christoph Roßner, interdisciplinary cannabis expert, Ulmer Str. 11, 87700 Memmingen.

Drug use after lockdown

Drugs educators and drug testers from The Loop in Manchester (Great Britain) have started a survey on drug use and the changes in the drug black market (availability, prices, qualities).

A number of northern European drug counseling centers, including The Loop, have developed a very short, anonymous survey to collect data on how drug and alcohol use has changed during public lockdown. The link here leads to the English language version. This survey aims to collect comparable data across Europe to inform drug and harm reduction services and support drug and alcohol users in these challenging times.

3 versions of this survey will be released, which will be released in three phases of the Covid 19 pandemic. The phase 1 survey will initially take place during the period of the strongest lockdown. In phase 2, the restrictions will be relaxed across Europe in a few months, and in phase 3 the consequences in late summer or early autumn will be recorded. At the end of each phase of the survey, The Loop will immediately provide European drug advice centers with a summary of the results of each survey.

The short, anonymous survey, which mainly has to be ticked, and which takes around 10 minutes to complete, is being carried out as part of a trans-European COVID-19 and drug use survey.


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