Enjoy a dinner on Khaosan Road or visit some of the cheapest bars and restaurants

Khaosan Road

Backpackers in Khaosan find Khaosan Road located in Bangkok’s Banglamphu a very popular hangout. The backpackers are looking for bargains in their places to stay as well as sharing any travel tips they may have along with tales.

You can enjoy cold bear as well as homemade yogurt, which is what all Western travelers enjoy. Those from Japan enjoy finding souvenirs. It smells interesting because you can see street vendors who are frying noodles, pancakes.

Bangkok Khaosan Road Travel GuideThe street is 300-meters long. Europeans would dress in Chinese like trousers, Japanese, who would be red heads which have nose rings.

The women are familiar along the road with braided hair. The accommodations here are the cheapest in all of Thailand. The charge for most of the guesthouses is 250 Baht a night, which is approximately $7.53 USD, as well as 25 Baht or less for a bowl of noodles, which is approximately $0.70 USD. There are also fantastic bargains regarding transport and tours.

You really never leave Khaosan Road regardless where you head over in Thailand. You can go to Lamai, Had Rin, or Lanta Island. You won’t leave the road because of these places just being extensions.

There are advantages to this; you can find things such as European shoe sizes, travel to major attractions, as well as going to the floating market.

Even though it’s only 300-meters, there are numerous services a person can visit. You could visit a beauty or massage parlor, and apply for a visa or student ID card. There are approximately 8,000 visitors a day and this road is not able to accommodate them. If you reach at night and all hotels or guesthouses are fully booked, you can try to the Buddy Lodge or the Tai-Pan Hotel, next to Khaosan Road.

Khaosan Road Business Association Noppadol Chivaranonaikul, President of the Khaosan Road Business Association made a statement regarding Khaosan Road.

“I never believed Khaosan would become like this. Just 20 years ago, people did not dare to walk along this road after dark, fearing the haunting nature of darkness. I should have bought the one-story shop house offered to me seven years ago for just 100.000 baht. Now the monthly rental alone is 70.000 Baht.”

A small hotel was the actual first business to open up. The next thing to develop was Sor Thambhaki who sold accessories to monks.

There were four more to develop along the same lines and it became known for its religious businesses.

In 1980, things changed when the first visitors from the West stayed at a guesthouse to help the owner improve on English language. Soon word got out about the niceness and easy-going lifestyle and soon it became a business for Westerners. The very first commercial one opened with six bedrooms, and called Bonny.

There are over 100 guesthouses which houses 4,000 rooms and about 20 hotels. There are 125 restaurants and food shops, 144 businesses such as jewelry shops, massage parlous, 8 currency exchange venues, 20 internet cafes and around 20 travel agencies, and many other roadside vendors.

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