Shopping for Thai Jewellery


Thai Jewelry tend to be large and expressive often with superb detailing. The country has a long history of silver work, particularly in the North, Northeast and among the hill tribes in Chiang Mai offer a good selection.

Jewelry and gems are particularly tempting purchases in Thailand. Not only is the country one of the world’s major sources of rubies and sapphires but it is also well known for skillfully crafted jewelry. Jewelers who display their work in the shops with the top hotels usually offer good quality but at very high prices.

It is unwise to buy gems with the intention of reselling at a profit unless you are an expert and DO NOT buy jewelries recommended by tuk tuk or taxi drivers.

Gems International co-operates closely with tour operators throughout Thailand but their rates are over-priced also the quality is good.

The best option tor tourist visiting in Thailand is to visit a local Chinese owned gold shop at a fixed price. One Baht currently is priced at around 19,000 Baht (15.2 grams of 23 karat gold (96.5%).

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