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Tourism & Child Protection

Child-Protection-Sustainable-Tourism-thailandTourism and child Protection

Your travel agent

  • Has clear guidelines for protecting children in the Tourism Industry
  • Commits itself and its business partners to comprehensive measures against child labor
  • Trains its employees in their home country and destinations and sensitizes their customers accordingly
  • Is actively committed to the well-being of children in the host countries, so that they are not abandoned to exploitation or sidelined
  • Provides transparent information about all measures taken if requested.

Your local tourism provider

  • Takes effective measures to protect children from sexual and economic exploitation and informs its customers that sex with children is a crime and they will not tolerate any such behavior from clients
  • Does not employ children and works with its suppliers against exploitative child labor
  • Ensures fair wages and fair working conditions for adult employees so that their children do not have to work, as well as sound training, especially for young employees
  • Ensures, as a minimum, compliance with existing labor regulations and extensive support for minors who are not allowed to be put on the street without their livelihood
  • Provides transparent information about the measures taken and draws the guests’ attention to their contribution to child protection.

Set the course before Travel

  • Ask before booking your holiday booking what your tour operator is doing to protect children in the tourism industry
  • Inquire about the child protection measures and working conditions in the hotel of your choice before the reservation
  • Find out about the situation of children at their travel destination before starting your holidays
  • Treat working and begging children on the streets with respect – they have to make a living too.
  • Ask on-site how to best deal with begging children. Do you give them alms because they are in urgent need of support, or do you entice them to stay away from school? If in doubt, you would rather make a donation to a qualified child protection project that opens up fair development opportunities for children
  • Report observations of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents to your local travel and hotel management.
  • Show civil courage if you observe events related to the sexual exploitation of children by tourists abroad by notifying the authorities in your home country.
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