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Tourism & Climate

Image of Destination GuideTourism and Climate

Your Travel Agent

  • Gives you information about the climate impact of your entire trip and shows you ways to reduce it.
  • Offers you attractive alternatives for earthbound travel for short distances (up to approx. 800 km) instead of flight offers.
  • Offers, where a flight cannot be avoided, the opportunity to offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a credible provider like Myclimate or Atmosfair, whose climate protection projects meet the strictest international standards (CDM Gold Standard).
  • Works with providers who operate in a climate-efficient manner and offset their emissions.
  • Also improves the company’s carbon footprint, trains its employees and provides transparent information about all measures taken.

Your local Tourism Provider

  • Takes structural and operational measures for the economical use of energy and water, the reduction of waste and the protection of coasts and landscapes.
  • Offsets unavoidable CO2 emissions.
  • Prefers local suppliers and seasonal products from the region.
  • Provides transparent information about the measures taken and draws the guests’ attention to their contribution to protecting the climate during their stay.

Responsible Travel by you

  • Find sustainable relaxation and vacation enjoyment without flying to the end of the world.
  • Plan a longer stay if you are going on a flight.
  • Compensate for the CO2 emissions of flights that cannot be avoided and, if possible, the emissions of the entire trip with a credible provider.
  • For short distances up to 800 km, choose more environmentally friendly, earthbound means of transport such as train or a bus coach.
  • Find out about sustainable forms of travel and accommodation when booking, choose local products on the go, as well as excursions and leisure activities that do not have an additional impact on the climate.
  • Turn off the air conditioner, fan, lights and electrical appliances when you are not in your room and only have your towels washed when necessary by dropping them on the floor.
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