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waterYour Travel Agent

  • Has a biodiversity protection policy. This also defines measures to limit tourist activities based on the ecological and social sustainability of the destination and relies on cooperation with specialist agencies and local actors.
  • Takes ecological and social compatibility into account when designing its offer.
  • Defines minimum ecological standards in its contracts with partners and regularly checks compliance with them.
  • Trains its local partners for the protection of the habitat of indigenous plants and animals and promotes particularly responsible offers and initiatives.
  • Informs its employees and travelers about appropriate behavior and a meaningful contribution to species protection at the respective destinations.

Your local Tourism Provider

  • Has a biodiversity protection policy. This also defines measures to limit tourist activities due to the ecological and social sustainability of the destination.
  • Protects the local ecosystem and takes structural and operational measures for the careful use of water and energy, the avoidance of waste and the preservation of coastal, mountain and other areas.
  • Respects and supports the traditional way of life and economy of the local population.
  • Trains its staff in respectful handling of the habitat of local people, animals and plants.
  • Only offers excursions and leisure activities under competent guidance that do not disturb the sensitive balance of the environment.
  • Has no mini zoos and dolphinariums and does not offer trips to them.
  • Does not have any endangered species on its menu or offer tours for wildlife or bush-meat markets.
  • Instructs the guests for careful handling of the landscape, flora and fauna and worth supporting local initiatives for the protection of the biosphere.
  • Does not sell products from endangered animal or plant species and is happy to give you tips on how you can help protect biodiversity when buying souvenirs.
  • Works actively for the protection of landscape and biodiversity, in cooperation with other local organisations.
  • Provides transparent information about the measures taken.

Responsible Travel by you

  • Inform yourself thoroughly about possible environmental impacts and protective measures taken before you book offers such as trekking in the mountains and glaciers, expeditions to the rain-forest, live-aboards, dune hikes or boat tours through mangrove areas.
  • Don’t be blinded by green-washing terms such as nature tourism, eco-lodge or conservation project, ask the provider and research how the offer affects biodiversity and the affected population and whether there is really “eco” in it, where it says “eco”.
  • Saves wildlife from stress and disease by respecting their retreat areas, not getting too close to them, and not feeding or touching them.
  • Refrain from activities such as swimming with dolphins and visiting dolphinariums and mini-zoos where animals are not kept properly.
  • Only take part in observation tours with reputable providers who travel with small groups, instruct their guests thoroughly about considerate behavior and let the animals approach instead of chasing them.
  • When diving or snorkeling, rely on a provider who is demonstrably committed to protecting the diving grounds and who trains the participants thoroughly to not destroy corals, and make sure not to touch any corals or sea animals or damage them with your equipment.
  • If you choose to visit a conservation park or go on a safari, choose a destination that is credibly committed to protecting wildlife and prefer offers where part of the proceeds go towards measures to combat poaching and its consequences (eg orphaned baby animals) flows.
  • Do not buy products from endangered animal or plant species such as jewelry made of coral, tortoiseshell and ivory or bags made of reptile leather neither at home nor on the go.
  • Learn original natural and cultural landscapes on your doorstep and discover native animal and plant species in a nature park in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or in neighboring countries.
  • Make sure that no endangered species are on your plate and pay attention to the MSC label and tips when buying fish and seafood.
  • Be committed to protecting the environment, climate and wild animals / preserving biodiversity.

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