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Tourism & Waste


Your travel Agent

  • Works with partners and providers in the destinations who assume their corporate responsibility and manage waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Saves paper, for example by offering catalogs to borrow.
  • Gives you good tips for on the go.

Your local Tourism Provider

  • Avoids waste by shopping from local suppliers, using reusable bottles and refill containers instead of individually packaged portions, and managing its stocks wisely so that food doesn’t deteriorate.
  • Separates waste, recycles what is possible and properly disposes of problematic waste.
  • works in cooperation with the authorities for an environmentally friendly waste management and disposal system
  • Provides transparent information about measures taken and draws guests’ attention to their contribution to protecting the environment.

Travel Responsible

  • Choose providers who show their ecological management and pay attention to their tips and information.
  • Pack your suitcases accordingly, leave elaborate packaging at home and take reusable bags, containers and water bottles with you.
  • Ask at your hotel about boiled drinking water or filter your water yourself.
  • If possible, buy fresh goods from the region at the holiday location and avoid packaging such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans or plastic bags.
  • Take Batteries or other problematic waste back home that cannot be properly disposed on site.
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