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Your Travel Agent

  • Has committed to complying with the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization and also sets out a policy to employ employees on fair terms.
  • Works with partners who have direct permanent employment contracts with the majority of employees and do not rely on precarious employment relationships with temporary workers and subcontractors. The tour operator has a clause in its supply contracts.
  • Commits itself and its business partners to comprehensive measures against child labor.
  • Is committed to its union-friendly stance.
  • Supports further training opportunities in the destination.

Your local Tourism Provider

  • Has a policy itself or through the hotel chain that ensures that the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization are complied with and that employees are employed on fair terms. In addition to wages above the statutory minimum wage and the clear naming of wage components and deductions, as well as working hours, leisure time and holidays, this policy also covers aspects of health and safety at work.
  • Has a policy to protect women, guest workers and ethnic minorities against discrimination in the workplace and a child protection policy.
  • Has clear procedures and measures to protect against sexual assault.
  • Has permanent employment contracts with most of his staff and is very reluctant to work with subcontractors and temporary workers.
  • Is proud of its long-standing relationships with employees, actively encourages them in their career development and strives to reconcile work and family as much as possible – and will be happy to provide this upon request.

Responsible Travel by you

  • Find out about the most common labor law problems in tourism.
  • Know that even five stars offer no guarantee of compliance with minimal labor rights. But where the price of performance is unrivaled low, hold back because you know that the discount business is always done at the expense of employees and the environment.
  • Choose services that are compatible with their travel budget and for which the service provider is adequately paid.
  • Know how the remuneration at your holiday resort looks in general and the importance of the tip as part of the income.
  • Find out about local tips and tips and abide by them.
  • Maintain decent dealings with the staff who will take care of you during your vacation and provide the services you require.
  • Report clear violations of labor rights such as child labor, discrimination or assault to your local tourism provider and travel agent.

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