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What are the Travel Bubble Plans in ASEAN Countries

Singapore Minister for National Development, Lawrence Wong, said, discussions about specific pathways to continue the journey in ASEAN, even the wider bloc in Asia, must be carried out in the future.

Bilateral agreements being discussed by various countries must be completed in advance to enable wider regional regulation. “Some green lane ideas and travel bubbles are discussed at bilateral level,” Wong told the Straits Times, “but in the future, I’m pretty sure we can expand it to regional concepts as well,” he continued.

Last week, Singapore announced that it planned to launch a “fast track” arrangement earlier this month with China.

This was done to facilitate essential travel for business and service purposes between the two countries.

The rule will first apply to Singapore and six Chinese provinces and cities directly under China’s central government.

The cities in question include Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but the area will gradually be expanded to other provinces and cities within China.

Wong said, an important picture behind the plan was testing the corona virus before departure and possibly upon arrival. “With the test results, there is no need for a quarantine period. When someone is in the country, we will need some mechanism to be able to track where that person is, “said Wong.

Nevertheless, Wong stressed, the arrangement would be limited to essential trips to control the number of travelers and Singapore fast lane discussions  are ongoing with other countries including South Korea, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Thailand will formulate a bilateral agreement for the travel bubble
Thailand is currently formulating an agreement to facilitate travel during the corona virus pandemic. The formulation, according to the aide of the Thai Prime Minister, Bansarn Bunnag, will take place in a virtual meeting on June 26, 2020 and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha- will participate in the meeting.

Bansarn said, a number of regions in China, as well as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and New Zealand have shown interest in exploring the possibility of a travel bubble. Thailand has canceled most domestic controls after loosening the lockdown in the last few weeks.

Domestic tourism in Thailand has restarted but national borders are restricted, and most international flights are prohibited from entering the Kingdom.

Previously, Prayut said that Thailand plans to create a travel bubble through a bilateral agreement designed to control the virus when the country’s borders are reopened. The existence of corridors traveling with countries that are considered to be able to control the virus can make tourists return without having to go through quarantine conditions.

Indonesia will form a travel bubble with four countries
Indonesia plans to develop a travel bubble with China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Deputy of the Ministry of Tourism Odo RM Manuhutu, said, the opening of travel bubbles will be related to investments in Indonesia. “The initial target is indeed for business people but it is not closed to tourists.

According to Odo, the travel bubble with these four countries was a prototype before Indonesia actually opened tourism for other foreign tourists.

Even though ASEAN are not included in the travel bubble, Odo said, it was still being discussed.

For now, the opening plan with the four countries is a prototype before Indonesia draws other ASEAN countries into the travel bubble.

Odo said that plans for ASEAN countries had begun to be discussed informally and discussion to resume ferry services between Batam and Singapore,” said Odo.

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