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Jan Marsalek, from a School Dropout to the Number 2 at Wirecard

Wolfgang Holzem




Former founder of and now reporting mainly on the Asia Pacific region and the global Coronavirus crises in countries such as Thailand, Germany & Switzerland. Born near Cologne but lived in Berlin during my early teenage years. A longterm resident of Bangkok, Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon and Phuket. A great fan of Bali, Rhodes & Corfu.


Thanks to Wirecard Erotic Massage Services move to MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub & Big7

Wolfgang Holzem



Massage Studio’s are moving to the Virtual Online Space thanks to Wirecard’s Bank and some porn portals registered in Cyprus, Gibraltar and the US.

The women’s with whom IsaanLive spoke and wrote almost all say that they have to keep working, otherwise the money will be scarce and women’s have now also registered as Amateurs on,, to offer either virtual service or on one on one meetings. On Mydirtyhobby, an amateur said that since she joined the MDH, she gets around EUR 0.30 per message for chatting to customers and around 1.30 EUR for sending a 1 minute video of herself naked and in different positions.

Thanks to Wirecard Erotic Massage Services move to MyDirtyHobby, Pornhub & Big7

I just enter my virtual IBAN account from Wirecard Bank in Ascheim and Paxum in the United States sends me every month around the 16th my monthly commissions. Last week, I received 1,600 EUR and used my Paxum Mastercard in the US to take the funds out from the ATM. What surprised me was that Paxum in the US actually opened the IBAN account for me at Wirecard Bank in Germany and it is all Tax-free.I was worried late June that my ATM would no longer work but Paxum guaranteed that we will get paid even if Wirecard shuts down operation.

The longer the corona lockdown lasts, the more sex workers switch to illegality

The men always ask for the extra,” says Alexa on the phone, whether it’s a blowjob, handjob or real sex – in the end, nobody came just for a back massage and that’s a problem for Alexa. She offers erotic massages in an apartment in Hamburg, but what she does with the men there is actually not allowed at the moment.

Sex work has been banned in all federal states since mid-March to curb the spread of the coronavirus . In 10 out of 16 federal states, other sexual services such as table dancing are also prohibited. It is unlikely that this will change soon. There is also a comprehensive ban in Hamburg, not just for the brothels, but for all places where  prostitution is  offered: meeting apartments, cars and massage studios, as well as for home and hotel visits. Anyone who offers massages with a “happy ending”, ie massages whose goal is to achieve an orgasm with the customer, is punishable by law.

Alexa is from Russia and offers “Happy Ends”. She doesn’t want to  give her name and Alexa is a pseudonym. Their fear of being exposed is too great. She is listed on the internet on a scene portal, you can chat with her via Whatsapp and make an appointment. Alexa is actually a trained massage therapist and acupressure and as a freelancer, she doesn’t make ends meet and has therefore built up a second pillar as an erotic masseuse.It was very difficult in the first months of the corona crisis, says Alexa. “A lot of men were afraid, nothing was going on.” You started to learn software coding in online courses. “I want to get into IT, no more erotic massages” but when contact restrictions for wellness massages, hairdressers and beauty salons were relaxed in May, Alexa started to massage again.

The massages have become a popular loophole: where the brothels are still closed, the massage studios start in the back rooms. The studios are allowed to offer classic wellness massages without sexual background again. A hygiene concept prescribes how customers have to be accompanied to the massage bench. Some studios and independent providers take advantage of this to secretly also offer erotic massages with happy ending.

“We just have Sonja, Leila and Mailin there. They do everything you want. ”
Massage studio owner on the phone

IsaanLive has discussed with one massage studio in Hamburg, which are known on relevant online portals for offering “happy end” massages. Only two have indicated on the phone that erotic acts are currently prohibited. All others have either hinted at such services or advertised them aggressively. A studio operator enthused: “We just have Sonja, Leila and Mailin there, they do everything you want.” Another was more cautious: “It’s not so good to talk about it on the phone – but I don’t care what you talk to the girls about in the room.”

The “girls” don’t always have a lot of say. Although they know that they are currently not allowed to offer their services, many do so because of economic hardship or because there are clients.

“Because many brothels remain closed, women are forced to continue prostitution in other ways,” says Stephanie Klee of the Federal Association for Sexual Services. First they hit those who “live from hand to mouth”. It has now become so long that sex workers with reserves have to work again.

“Prostitution moves into the underground as long it is banned,” says Stephanie Klee. And that becomes a problem: “Many women and men who are now visiting homes and hotels for the first time do not know how to protect themselves from intrusive suitors who do not accept a no.” In the past few days, the head of the association had received more and more photos of colleagues who showed how some women had been badly beaten. “It is scary what I had to look at.”

Other EU countries have long allowed prostitution

Little has changed since March. Even back then, we researched the scene and talked to women who had to continue working in apartments despite the lockdown.

The federal association is now calling for demonstrations to have sex workers work again. “We already worked out hygiene concepts at the beginning of May, but so far they have been ignored,” said association spokeswoman Stephanie Klee.

Sex work is now permitted again in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic. Only Germany has had a difficult time evaluating so far.

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Breaking News : Jan Marsalek possible citizen of the Caribbean Island of Grenada with a New Name

Wolfgang Holzem




According to German Intelligence sources, Jan Marsalek – an Austrian and former COO of Wirecard might carry a Diplomatic passport of  the Caribbean Island Grenada.

The question remains where Jan Marsalek went to – and where is the money that he supposedly diverted.

In chats in Messenger Telegram he jokes with a confidant about the location of a possible reunion: “But maybe we have to do it in the prison yard, or if I find the 1.9 billion, on a Caribbean island.”

In fact, several lead traces of Marsalek’s time as manager of Wirecard lead to the Caribbean island of Grenada. In 2013, several websites were registered under the name Jan Marsalek. The Munich private address Marsalek was stored, sometimes even a phone number from Wirecard.

In a document that appears to have been written on official Grenada stationery, a Jan Marsalek is also referred to as an official representative of Grenada and he negotiated on behalf of the island state about the purchase of spy software that can be used to hack smartphones.

The document is apparently signed by the then Foreign Minister Nickolas Steele. 

The government of Grenada and Minister Steele left an inquiry unanswered.

If you want to dive in places like Grenada, you need money and have to cover up traces. As Wirecard manager, Marsalek raved about the possibilities of cryptocurrencies. With bitcoins, assets can be transferred and washed quickly and without difficulty in a way that is easy to understand.

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Was Jan Marsalek an Informer for the Austrian Secret Service on the Wirecard board?




Jan Marsalek1000x600

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office is now involved in the crime about ex-Wirecard board member Marsalek. The prosecutors examine evidence that Marsalek was an informant for the Austrian secret service.

The crime about the insolvent payment service provider Wirecard may develop into a German-Austrian espionage affair. Once again, the fleeting former COO Jan Marsalek plays the lead role. In the meantime, the Attorney General is also dealing with Marsalek.

The top criminal prosecutor is investigating evidence that “the Austrian citizen Jan Marsalek was led as an informer by an employee of the Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (BVT)”. This is what it says in the answer from the Federal Ministry of Justice to a written question from the Bundestag member Fabio De Masi from the Linke party.

No Comments from Berlin

The Federal Chancellery did not want to comment from the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, to which the BVT is subordinate. On Friday evening, the BVT denied in a press release that Marsalek had been an informer or so-called “undercover agent” of the authority. In the Marsalek case, however, no further information could be given due to ongoing – including international – investigations. Marsalek has been on the run since June and could not be reached for comment but it is widely believed that he escaped to Belarus via Minsk.

The Federal Prosecutor General is still running the case but if the suspicion is confirmed, it could put a strain on German-Austrian relations. Ultimately, the neighboring country would have placed an undercover agent in one of the largest listed companies in Germany – without the knowledge of the German authorities.  More damaging would be if the Austrian’s have known about the money laundering that has been going on for years.

When the services in Germany were still completely in the dark, the first agent stories were making the rounds in Austria in the summer. The Viennese daily newspaper “Presse” reported that a “Jan” obtained information from the Austrian domestic intelligence service through an intermediary and passed it on to the right-wing populist FPÖ. “Jan” – that should be Jan Marsalek.

Marsalek remains a “mystery”

Marsalek’s alleged proximity to secret services is now also worrying the German security authorities. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) are now conducting extensive research.

With regard to many of the stories about secret service connections to Russia, they can “neither be verified nor falsified,” says a person familiar with the investigation. Marsalek remains a “mystery”. Many of his contacts are very dubious, but it is difficult for him to differentiate between real connections.

“Chancellor should pick up the phone as soon as possible”

Austrian investigators recently traveled to Munich specifically, and the investigators recently received a request for legal assistance. In German security circles, so one can hear in Berlin that Marsalek had connections to the BVT and the BND might have known it.

De Masi, co-initiator of the Wirecard investigation committee, demands clarification: “The Chancellor should pick up the phone as soon as possible and ask Sebastian Kurz what the Austrians are doing here.” If the suspicion is confirmed, the Austrian ambassador must be called in. “

Was there help to escape?

Marsalek’s spectacular escape now appears to many in a new light. After all, Marsalek was last seen near Vienna before going into hiding. The plane was waiting at a private airport and shortly before his departure, he is said to have met a man at the Italian restaurant and his contact is said to have been a former BVT agent.

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