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Saraiki phrasebook

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Saraiki (سرائیکی) is a dialect of western Punjabi (Lahnda) language spoken widely in central Pakistan, especially the provinces of southern Punjab, southern Northwest Pakistan, and border regions of North Sindh and Eastern Balochistan. You hear it mostly in the countryside, but people in Multan and Bahawalpur also mainly speak Saraiki.

Pronunciation guide

  • kh: Think of how the Scottish say loch or a German ch.
  • gh: A guzzle type sound from deep in the throat that's hard for westerners. Have someone from North Africa, the Middle East, or Asia help you pronounce it.
  • au: Think "owww!"
  • ٻ
  • ڄ
  • ݙ
  • ڳ
  • ݨ



Common diphthongs

Phrase list

General Conversation

How are you: kay haal hen? (Less formal) or tuhada kiya haal hai saien? = تہاݙے کیا حال ہِن۔ (Formal to be used with strangers and the elderly).

I'm fine: Main teek aan or Changey haal hen.= چنگے حال ہِن

Welcome! = bismillaah Sain!= بسم اللہ سائیں

I'm bad: ruliya piyan

Whats your name?: Tuada na kya hay?

My name is...: mera nam .... hey.

Thank you: Shukriya = شکریہ

Welcome!: Bismillaah Sain!= بسم اللہ سائیں

Goodbye!: khuda hafeez!

Yes: jee, or, haa.

No: kona

where are you going: kithan wainday piyo?

i am going to ..........: mein vainda piyan ..........


Forwards: aggoon

Backwards: pichoon

Left: khabbay

Right: sajjay

Up : utoon

Down: talloon


Where is ...?: kithan hay....?

Bathroom:?: Ghusal khana

police:?: police

I need a doctor!: mekun doctor chahida hai horen!

I've been hurt.: mekun dhak lag py !!

Stop!: rok


Water: parhin

Soda: pepsi

Bread: maani,naan (depends on what type of bread), chapati, roti, learn the differences!

Chicken: kukerh Lamb/Goat : mehen da ghosht


In Pakistan, the firefighters are called the "Fire Brigade".

Most people understand the word doctor and will come to your aid.

Pepsi is just a general term for soda; if they actually HAND you a can of pepsi, tell them the brand of soda you want.

Remember, Seraiki DOES have dialects, but no matter where you speak it, even if you're from Multan and you are talking to somebody from Bahawalpur, they will understand you; it's only a slight difference.