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Bristol Travel GuideLocated in the south of England, Bristol is the largest city as well as the largest port called Bristol. It is the major city after London. Being an important growing city, Bristol houses the successful  British Aerospace industry, Rolls-Royce and its ship-building industry.

Another central figure of the Bristol city is The Maritime Heritage Centre that adds more reputation to the city.

It is a excellent place to explore the west part of England and offers reasonably priced accommodation and transportation when compared to any other city in England.

Climate of Bristol

Among all other places, Bristol experiences the highest rainfall. From November to March the city experiences winter with cool sea breezes and other times the climate is moderate.

Geography of Bristol

Between Somerset and Gloucestershire on the River Avon lies the striking city of Bristol. The River Avon flows through the centre of Bristol and forms part of the arrangement of waterways that transformed Bristol into a great inland port. The city extends up to the Bristol Channel coast and includes Avonmouth. Clifton, Filton and Patch way are some minor cities surrounding Bristol.

History of Bristol

Bristol Travel GuideA new settlement emerged between the Rivers Avon and Frome, known as Brigstowe early in the Anglo-Saxon times. Slowly involving themselves in trade with Ireland and the ports of South Wales the settlement established itself as a fast growing one. Later in 18th century the city involved in the slave trade. Bristol saw the rebellion of social turmoil known as the Bristol Riots in 1831, which occurred as a response to unacceptable parliamentary reform.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the great Victorian engineer was the one who designed most of the places in Bristol including the Clifton Suspension Bridge, ‘the great iron ship’, ‘the SS Great Britain’ and ‘Temple Meads’ old station. His architectural genius flourished all over England and the city of Bristol was the most fortunate one to be designed in the hands of a great master architect.

In the late 1970s Bristol harbour side resurgence began with the opening of the Arnolfini. Then in the 1980s, the restoration of the miles of harbour side continued swiftly with the 1982 opening of the Watershed, which is also Britain’s first media centre. Bristol’s appearance as a major cultural centre is credited to these two developments. In 2000 Bristol centre was opened to the public.

Bristol’s city centre suffered stern damage in the new central area, near the bridge and castle during World War II bombings. The place still features two bombed out churches and some insignificant remains of the castle. But with the invention of Concorde at Filton, the city once again regained the power starting as a important post-war industrial centre and also with the emergence of the Rolls Royce, the city became widely popular thorough out the globe.

Transportation in Bristol

Bristol International Airport
About nine miles from the city centre of Bristol is the Bristol International Airport. The fight service is available to all major European cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Paris and Prague.

Bristol Parkway Station
Bristol Parkway station is principally aimed at suburban residents.

Temple Meads Station
And the Temple Meads Station located in Bristol has regular inter-city and regional train services from Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Plymouth, Southampton, Swansea and York.

Inland Travel in Bristol
Another easy means of travel is the Bristol Ferry Boat service which runs numerous ferry services around the harbour. It can be also used for sight seeing purposes. Stopping at various quays on route the boats also provide an excellent commuter service between the city centre of Bristol and the main railway station.

Sightseeing Tips

BristolClifton Suspension Bridge
The Clifton Suspension Bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous engineer and designer. It was completed only after his death. This bridge stands as the most majestic landmark in Bristol.

Clifton Observatory and Caves Bristol
The Clifton Observatory and Caves houses the Camera Obscura itself which allows you to observe a panoramic outlook of the grassy spot in a straight line surrounding the observatory, and also of Clifton and the central area of Bristol.

SS Great Britain Bristol
Built by Brunel in the year 1843, it is the world’d first iron hulled, screw propeller-driven, steam-powered passenger liner which is now preserved in a dry dock near Bristol harbour.

BristolSt Mary’s Redcliffe Church Bristol
This is the most famous parish church in the city. It holds a spectacular architectural design and attracts a large number of tourists.

Bristol Industrial Museum
Located at one of the old harbour transit sheds, the Bristol Industrial Museum is a spectacular behind the times industrial museum that has a great collection of valuable working and static exhibits.

Ashton Court Bristol
One of the most astonishing estates in Bristol is the Ashton Court that is spread of about 850 acres of splendid park and peaceful woodland. It also captures a stunning view of the Bristol city.

At-Bristol is a collective name for the IMAX cinema, the Wildwalk and Explore science centres where many of the entertainment can be found.

Theatre Royal Bristol
Featuring many of the old Georgian style, the Theatre Royal in Bristol, one of the oldest surviving theaters in the city is popular among the people.

Festivals and Events

Lloyds TSB Harbour Regatta 
It is an event in which hundreds of boats are displayed in the Lloyds TSB Harbour Regatta in Bristol that takes place every year in the month of July. Apart from the main event, there are things like musical performances, kid’s games, a reverse bungee jump and fireworks and many more to entertain the audience.

Bristol Community Festival Bristol
The Bristol Community Festival is very interesting to watch and takes place during July of every year at Ashton Court Estate. The event includes things like performing arts, comedy show, bungee jumping and children’s entertainment games and shows.


Bristol Travel Guide

Bristol Balloon Fiesta
The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is a spectacular event that houses exciting hot air balloon enthusiasts participating with great interest from all over the world.

Glastonbury Festival Bristol
This is another beautiful occasion to enjoy the day. The Glastonbury Festival is held in Glastonbury. With fascinating dance, music, comedy and circus the festival is celebrated grandly and is participated by a large number of people.

Royal West of England Academy Autumn Exhibition
It is the most prestigious exhibition taking place in Bristol which began in the year 1884 and consisting of Bristol’s fine art gallery having countless collections from great artists. And it is also one the six royal art academies in the UK.

Brief Encounters Bristol
It is a grand festival conducted in Bristol every year for inspiring new artists for their participation in short films etc. Presentation and lectures are also given by the best in the industry as it would encourage people who are interested in film making to get to more heights.

Animated Encounters Bristol
Taking place at Watershed in Bristol, this animation event is highly entertaining and is a real treat for the visitors. The event displays world’s best animation that is screened for almost three days.

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