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London Travel Guide
London Travel Guide

London Travel GuideLondon is the capital of the United Kingdom which is by far the largest city within Europe with a total population of about eight million. About two hundred dialects are spoken in London and many who are residing there belong to 1st, 2nd or 3rd-generation migrants from former British colonies. London actually is the most visited and most admired city in the world for its modernity as well as for its ancient beauty. Georgian squares, the lean alley’s, the excursions at the Thames and the small historical villages are some of the locations that attract tourists.

Shopping in London is excellent as it offers everything at the same time it is expensive too. The city offers world class products and has a range of things for everyone. Central London has everything like theatres and restaurants and many beautiful attractions are placed there.

The sizzling River Thames divides the city into northern and southern parts and is one of the loveliest rivers in Europe. The city offers a variety of entertainment to the visitors and they can enjoy everything. Kensington and Belgravia situated in the western part of London are normally expensive.

Islington and Camden Town are located in the Northern part of the city and are inner-city suburbs representing the social scene with dynamism. East London is an area of great variety for it has a blended culture like Bengali Brick Lane, modern Shoreditch, and the advanced Docklands area containing Canary Wharf. And if you are lacking concentration in culture and history, South London will amass your eyes and mind. It has booming multi-cultural setting that only London can offer in Europe.

Climate and Weather

London can be accessed at anytime during the whole year since the weather is not very high. The summers are warm but seldom hot, the winters are cool but infrequently severe. The temperature during summer intermittently rises above 33 degree Celsius, though higher temperatures have become more habitual recently due to global warnings. Apparently you can plan your visit to London during any time of the whole year, but of course, your health conditions should suit such temperate conditions.

Transportation within London

London Travel GuideAirlines are frequent and railways are also opted by many to visit London. Both these services are excellent and are not at all a problem for travellers.

Being one the growing visited cities in the world, London is aided by four major airports.

Though the city is little bit confusing to move around, as we get used to the place it becomes easier and interesting. There are three main modes of public transport in London. They are

* Underground
* Bus
* Taxi cab

Underground Transportation

Underground means of travel is the busiest way to travel in London. Many use this mode for their daily purpose and it is easier to move when we are through of our train routes.

London is famous for its double- decker buses. It is a fine way of travelling to catch a glimpse of the exciting and stunning city. Many companies offer sight seeing facility and in this way travellers can enjoy the city in a comfortable manner.

Another super feature of the London transport is the city taxis. They are expensive but excellent means of travel. If you are in a hurry the best way to reach your destination soon is by taking one of these.

Places of Attraction in London


The city has many attractions to offer and here is a list that contains almost all the major attractions of the city.

House of Parliament
The House of Parliament is one of the most renowned buildings and attractions in London is the Palace of Westminster, with Victoria Tower to the left, and the Clock Tower, comprehended as Big Ben to the right, is the home to the House of Parliament. It is an essential sight for the visitors to visit.

London Aquarium
The best in the world is the London Aquarium which features tons of varieties form the sea. Containing almost everything we can see here some rare creatures from the deep world. Another out-standing feature of this aquarium is that it contains entertainment and education for everyone.

Buckingham Palace
As a prime symbol of majesty and grandeur of British, the Buckingham Palace is again a spectacular attraction. Thousands of tourists come here and get amazed looking at the brilliant and breathtaking sight. Some of its attracting features are the Throne Room, the Picture Gallery and State Dining Room. If you are looking for a hotel near Buckingham Palace, you can stay at the Thistle Westminster Hotel.

London Zoo
The Zoo is one of the world’s most famous zoos and is home to over 12,000 animals. African Lions and Sloth Bears to giant Seychelles Millipedes everything can be seen here.

Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum
This wax museum is a very interesting place to visit. It contains brilliant and astounding life-size figures of world-famous persons and are exhibited grandly. This place would certainly pull up our concentration and entertain us for sure.

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