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ManchesterThe name, Manchester comes from Mamucium and ceaster, derived from the old Latin “Castra” – meaning “fortification”. Known as the capital of the north, Manchester is one of England’s leading cities and is often known as the town that started the industrial revolution a long time ago.

Manchester is the ninth largest city in the United Kingdom and is often regarded as the second city of the nation. Manchester has a lot of accommodations on offer, including hotels and Apartments.

The city had suffered for a long time with utter poverty but as changes took place slowly now it has become successful in overcoming the poverty totally.

Located in the northwest of England, the city has a total population of about 450000 people belonging to different ethnic groups.

Climate and Weather

The climate and weather conditions of Manchester are sometimes welcoming. With fine, hot summers and cold winters the city is always fresh and energetic. But sometimes the temperature can run to extreme bringing cool winter and snowy days. Higher rainfall occurs mostly in the Lake District and Pennies.


Manchester emerged as a leading textile centre and this was because of the 14th century settlement by the Flemish weavers of wool and linen. With its damp climate which made it and the surrounding area ideal for cotton processing, and with the development of steam-powered engines for spinning and weaving, canal transportation, accessible supplies of coal and water, culture of enterprise and innovation, Manchester soon became the centre of the new textile industry and of the new Industrial Revolution.

Though the 20th century was not a good time to Manchester for its competition in textile industry and effects of World War II, the city slowly redeveloped and made itself an important financial centre.

As the XVII Commonwealth Games 2002 was conducted in Manchester, it became more popular and an important centre for many outdoor sporting. Due to this the city earned a great reputation all over Europe.

Transportation in Manchester

More than 100 airlines fly everyday from Manchester many locations throughout the world. Even to make more comfortable to travellers many low cost airline services is available to reach other destination in Europe. Ryan Air, Easyjet and Jet2 easily available for low prices.

Coaches stop at Chorlton Street Bus Station, which is right in the centre of Manchester next to Chinatown and the Gay Village, operated by National Express, a partner for Eurolines. Inside the city, there is also an extensive bus network and two tram line and taxis are significantly cheaper in Manchester than in London.

Sightseeing Tips

Boddingtons Brewery
Of about 250 years old this place features regular guided tours, a gift shop and a popular public house.

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park
The Castlefield Urban Heritage Park is a splendid landscape of weatherworn viaducts, rusting cast-iron bridges and massive warehouses, which were redeveloped into an Urban Heritage Park in the 1980s.

The Chinese New Year Dragon Parade is a popular event in Manchester and adding to it is the recently developed Chinatown that is all the more interesting for everyone.

Manchester Art Gallery
Another interesting sight that Manchester offers is The Manchester Art Gallery is overflowing with neo-Grecian surroundings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and decorative arts and it features Pre-Raphaelite paintings, landscape painters such as Stubbs, Gainsborough and Turner.

The Triangle
Emerged from the Victorian Corn Exchange buildings, the triangle is a world class shopping centre where we can purchase things collected from all over the world. It is a heaven for people who love to shop. Some of these shops offer very lovely and rare things.

Lyme Park
With a total area of around 1,377 acres this park is called National Trust Deer Park. It also features The Elizabethan Hall within it.

Quarry Bank Mill
Located to the south of Manchester about 16km is the Quarry Bank Mill that stands even now with less ruins and has an early factory complex, featuring steam engines and a fully functional iron waterwheel.

Printworks have been completely refurbished after the IRA bombings at a cost of 50 million pounds. It stands now as a major urban leisure and entertainment complex in Manchester.

Festivals and Events

Manchester United Football Matches
Manchester United Football matches are held at the world-famous Old Trafford Football Stadium and the Manchester United Football Club play many home matches during the football season.

Festival Europa
The Festival Europa is held in Manchester city centre and features live music, quality entertainment, specialist markets and performance arts.

The Lord Mayor’s Parade
The Lord Mayor’s Parade in Manchester takes place each year in late July and features street entertainment, markets stalls, fairground rides and general festivities.

The Manchester Jazz Festival
The Manchester Jazz Festival that takes place in the Castlefield area of Manchester city centre at the end of July is another interesting event in the city.

International Caribbean Carnival
The International Caribbean Carnival in Manchester is held in July and is a celebration of the different cultures and communities of Manchester. It features street fairs, bands, dancing and general festivities and is a must see if you plan to visit Manchester in July.

Food and Drink Festival
Manchester Food and Drink Festival are categorized by cookery displays, workshops, barbecues, feasting and discounted meals.

Dazzle Jewellery Fair
The Dazzle Jewellery Fair displays spectacular modern jewelry, classical designs and stylish craftwork.

Dancing in the Streets
A celebration of dance featuring performances and showcases from both international and local Manchester artists take place in major important streets during the occasion.

Royal Horticultural Flower Show
The Royal Horticultural Flower Show is held every year in Manchester’s Tatton Park at the end of July It is the largest flower show outside of Chelsea where thousands of exciting varieties of fresh flowers are displayed.

The Great Manchester Run
Taking place in central Manchester, The Great Manchester Run is an admired sporting event that is conducted at the end of May covering almost ten kilometers.

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