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Introducing our Web Solutions to Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand

The Internet established our Thai Internet business in September 1994 with the aim of providing creative and innovative internet solutions for companies in the Kingdom of Thailand wanting to take advantage of opportunities brought on.

It was founded by Wolfgang Holzem and has since grown to become one of Thailand’s most successful website in terms of Internet traffic and Internet awareness.

SiamNET was merged with Asiarooms.com in 1996 and sold to TUI Travel Group PLC in 2006. Most content of sino.net which was known as Trade Online Limited (TOL) was merged into this website in early 2000.

All content with Asiarooms.com was merged soon after with Isaan.live. Asiarooms.com now operates as Laterooms.com but they have abandoned the Asia Pacific market and only focus on the European market with no interest in launching any local language versions in the Asia Pacific region.

Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of any web solution.

Phil Xumsai Na Ayuthya, Former Executive Director of The British Chamber of Commerce with Wolfgang Holzem, at the British Fair ‘96 in honor of the official state visit by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.


Mr. Surin Dhammanives, President of the Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT) and Wolfgang Holzem, receiving an unexpected award for outstanding contribution to the MAT.


Dr. Chalit, Executive Director of the Marketing Association of Thailand, with Mr. Somchai, MD of Tipco Foods Co. Ltd. & Wolfgang Holzem at launch.


About me

Wolfgang Holzem, a Germany national has 22 years experience in the Internet Travel industry (eTravel) and 32 years experience in the Global IT industry and is the mastermind behind Isaan.Live. After leaving school, he decided to take a few year off to travel the globe, from West Africa, the Mideast and the Asia Pacific Region.

In 1987, Wolfgang left Germany to join Sino Dragon Industries in Hong Kong as an IT Director. Four years later, he was appointed General Manager for China based Sino Dragon Publishing Co., Ltd. In 1993, Wolfgang moved permanent to Thailand and founded Info Highway Co., Ltd known as SiamNET. He co-founded AsiaRooms.com in 1996 which was later merged with London based TUI Travel Group PLC.

Wolfgang implemented in addition large scale eTravel projects for hospitality companies such as Dusit Group, Shangri-la Hotel Group, Lufthansa German Airlines (Southeast Asia), LTU Thailand, Varig Brazilian Airways (Southeast Asia), Venture Publishing Group Singapore, Diethelm Travel Group and Asian Trails Group. Most corporate clients have been Swiss and German companies operating in the Asia Pacific region.

Wolfgang contributed valuable input and effort to become the Asian Center of Excellence; an effort that was honored during the ASEM 2001 (Association of Southeast Asian Nations & European Union) leader summit whereby the Asian Institute of Technology was chosen as the online university of choice in Southeast Asia which was powered by the distant education Opensource platform, Uni Online.

His specialty is the development of sophisticated booking and Meta SQL engines including the integration of global payment gateways (AsiaPay, Stripe & Wirecard) with support for major crypto-currencies.

In addition Wolfgang was an adviser for several years to the chairman of the ERP Taskforce, faculty for e-commerce and related subjects such as m-commerce at the Asian Institute of Technology in co-operation with the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). He is fluent in German, English and is able to communicate in Thai (+ Isaan) & Malay.

Wolfgang is a majority shareholder in Singapore based Euroasia Communications Pte Ltd, Sentosa Blockchain Pte Ltd and UK based Sentosa Holdings (UK) Ltd he has been quoted at many different offline and online publications such as Yahoo Singapore, Yahoo Australia, the Bangkok Post, the Nation Thailand, Daily News, CNET, eye4travel.com etc.

Project Timeline:
1993 – 1996, GM at Info Highway Co. Ltd / SiamNET
1996 – 1997, Interim IT Director at C&W Compunet Corporation
1997 – 1997, Senior Consultant at Sanook.com / Mweb Thailand
1996 – 2006, Co-Founder/VP at AsiaRooms.com
2012 – 2014, Project Manager at AsianTrails
2014 – 2015, Project Manager at Pacific Asia Travel Association / PATA Travel Mart
2010 – now, Co-Founder and Director in Singapore for Sentosa Blockchain Pte Ltd
2018 – now, Co-Founder of eHalal.eu
2018 – now, Founder of Coinmarkets.Capital (Crypto Financial portal)
2019 – now, Co-Founder of SentosaXchange.com

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