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United Kingdom > How many Coronavirus Covid-19 infections are in United Kingdom ?

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United Kingdom

London Put On High Alert for COVID-19

The British Health Ministry has declared London on COVID-19 High Alert, the second highest level on the government’s three-tiered alert...

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Coronavirus2 weeks ago

Already eleven Corona Infections at the Pope’s Swiss Guard

In the Vatican, seven other members of the pope’s Swiss Guard tested positive for the corona virus . This increased the number of demonstrably...

Coronavirus2 weeks ago

45 Corona cases at frozen food company -Frosta AG Rheintal Tiefkühlkost- in Bobenheim-Roxheim

45 Corona cases at frozen food company -Frosta AG Rheintal Tiefkühlkost- in Bobenheim-Roxheim 45 employees of a frozen food company...

polandcorona1000x600 polandcorona1000x600
News2 weeks ago

Corona measures in Poland – Poland reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

Poland announced a nationwide facemask requirement in public areas from October 10th. “The second wave is here,” said Prime Minister...

italycorona1000x600 italycorona1000x600
Italy2 weeks ago

Corona measures in Italy – Italy reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

Italy introduced a nationwide facemask requirement in the open due to the increase in new infections. If you don’t wear...

portugal1000x600 portugal1000x600
News2 weeks ago

Corona measures in Portugal – Portugal reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

The number of cases is also increasing significantly in Portugal – although the country has so far been spared major...

spain1000x600 spain1000x600
News2 weeks ago

Corona measures in Spain – Spain reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

The so-called incidence value in Madrid is by far the highest in the EU, with more than 700 new infections...

belgiumcorona1000x600 belgiumcorona1000x600
Belgium2 weeks ago

Corona measures in Belgium – Belgium reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

In Brussels, too, it was the “last round”: In the Belgian capital, as the seat of the EU institutions, all...

francecorona1000x600 francecorona1000x600
France2 weeks ago

Corona measures in France – France reacts to the 2nd Wave of Covid-19

Nowhere in Europe are the number of new infections within 24 hours as high as in France. The authorities recently...

Coronavirus3 weeks ago

Germany Sees ‘Worrying’ Jump in COVID-19 Cases 

Germany’s health officials said Thursday new COVID-19 cases are spreading at the fastest rate since April. Health Minister Jens Spahn...

belgiumcafe1000x600 belgiumcafe1000x600
Belgium3 weeks ago

Cafes and Bars in Brussels have to close for a month due to Covid-19 Measures

Due to the very high Corona numbers, cafes and bars in the Belgian capital Brussels have to close again. This...

swiss1000x600 swiss1000x600
News3 weeks ago

More than 1000 new corona infections in Switzerland

The number of corona infections has skyrocketed in Switzerland. After an average of 500 new infections in the past week, the Federal Office...

Mecca1000x600.jpg Mecca1000x600.jpg
News3 weeks ago

Pilgrims are allowed to return to Mecca after Corona Rules Changes

After months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the holiest place in Islam is again open to pilgrims.  In...

Kenzo Fashion show in Paris Kenzo Fashion show in Paris
Coronavirus3 weeks ago

Fashion Designer Kenzo Takada has died after Corona Infection

He made a career only with his first name: Kenzo. He founded his world-famous fashion and cosmetics company in Paris in...

chinacard1000x600 chinacard1000x600
News3 weeks ago

Warning to the Global Car Industry: Relocating Factories to China is Risky

The good news for European companies is that despite the geopolitical turbulence, there are many opportunities to deepen exchanges with...

thaitoriim1000x600 thaitoriim1000x600
Coronavirus3 weeks ago

SECRET TAX HAVEN – How Thailand aims to attract Rich Foreigners during Corona Times

In view of the collapse in the tourism business, Thailand is vying for wealthy immigrants and if you do it...