Tioman Island Travel Guide

Tioman Island Reiseführer
Tioman Island Reiseführer

Tioman Island is perhaps the biggest and most beautiful of the Eastern Islands of Malaysia. It is also the largest of the sixty four volcanic archipelagos that, according to legend, was created after a dragon princess transformed herself into an island. With a jungle on the western side of the island and pristine white beaches on the east, Tioman became a favorite tourist destination after it was used as the set for the famous film adaptation of the musical of “South Pacific” and after Time Magazine has voted it as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Getting to Tioman Island

By Air
Most tourists would need to take a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi before reaching Tioman. Those who are coming in from Singapore, however, may be able to avail of direct flights to Kampung Tekek Airport in Tioman Island courtesy of Berjaya Air.

By Land
You can rent a charter taxi to Tioman Island. These charter taxis do not come in cheap as the average rate is RM100 for a one-way trip. A more economical option is to take a bus instead to the island. Most of the buses en-route to Tioman Island are express buses and, depending from which terminal you will be departing from, may charge a rate between RM8 and RM15. These express buses may be able to drop you off either at the roundabout where you will need to trek Jalan Abu Bakar in order to get to the guesthouses or at the back of the Embassy Hotel, making this hotel an ideal place to book your hotel reservations in Tioman.

By Sea
Speed boats carry a maximum of 20 passengers while speed ferries have a maximum capacity of 150 passengers. These trips take no longer than 2 hours worth of travel. What’s good about arriving to Tioman Island via speed boats or ferries is that you can ask the captain to drop you off wherever you want on the island. These trips cost at an average of RM90.

Main Attractions of Tioman Island

Marine Park. The Marine Park is located within coral reef sanctuary and 15 minutes away from the Tekek jetty. Visitors may be able to enjoy a wide range of activities that includes underwater photography and snorkeling in what is perhaps the most productive ecosystem in the world and containing a diverse range of flora and fauna species.

Berjava Tioman Beach Resort and Suites

Considered as the only Internationally-standard hotel in Tioman, Berjava Tioman Beach Resort and Suites prides itself for being able to offer not just palm-fringed beaches and crystal, pristine waters but also a lush tropical jungle that spans an area of over 200 acres as well as the only beach resort on the island that has its own 18-hole golf course where visitors can play a game in the fairway of paradise. If you are on a budget, you should consider the Bamboo Hill Chalets on Tioman Island which is very cheap.


Situated on the northern region of Tioman Island, Salang is an idyllic and quaint little village in the island where travelers can enjoy pristine beaches, diving sites, a taste of Malaysian nightlife, authentic Malaysian restaurants, mini-markets and souvenier shops. Cheaper accommodations for the traveler on a budget may be located on the northern part of Salang. In the southern end of the island, travelers would be able to visit a lagoon and see 2 meter long monitor lizards in their natural habitats.

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