Jilin Province, China

Market in Jilin CityIn the northeastern part of the People’s Republic of China is the province of Jilin.

Jilin Province is bordered by Liaoning Province, North Korea and Russia to the east, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the West and the Province of Heilongjiang to the north.

Geography of Jilin

The Baiyun Mountain is the highest peak in the Province of Jilin at 2691m. Jilinhada, Longgang and Zhang Guangcai are the other mountain ranges in Jilin.

The river Yalu and Tumen flowing in the southwest of Jilin Province and the river acts as a border to North Korea.

Siping, Jilin City, Baicheng City, Changchun Songyuan, Yanji, Tonghua and Liaoyuan are the other important cities of Province of Jilin.

Climate of Jilin

The continental monsoon climate has an average rainfall of 350 to 1000mm in Jilin and the province has at times harsh winters.

Economy of Jilin

Jilin is basically an agri province that produces maize, rice and sorghum. In the Yanbian prefecture rice cultivation is a major source of income. West Jilin is well known for sheep herding.

Some of the major industry in the Province of Jilin is Automobiles, Train carriages and iron alloy industries.

Jilin, with a nominal GDP of 522.6 billion Yuan was ranked 22nd in the People’s Republic of China for the year 2007 and it had a per capita income of 19,168 Yuan.

Major Touristic Attractions in Jilin

Visitors should visit the Wandu, Gungnae Fortress, the Goguryeo sites and tombs and the Pyramidal General’s tomb which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Popular tourist destination for natural scenery is the Baekdu Mountain with Lake Heaven sharing borders with North Korea.

If you enough time, you should travel to the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture that houses the ancient royal tombs of the Balhae Kingdom, that include tombs at the Longtou Mountain such as of the Princess Zhen Xiao’s at a Mausoleum.

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