Tianjin Municipality, China

View of Tianjin CityTianjin is the largest city in the North of the People’s Republic of China and after Beijing and Shanghai it is the third largest urban area in mainland China.

Tianjin Municipality is borderd by the province of Hebei and the municipality of Beijing.

The History of Tianjin

On January 15, 1949, Communist forces stormed Tianjin after a 29-hour long offensive. Tianjin has always been a Municipality in China, except during the years between 1958 and 1967, when it was merged with Hebei province.

Rapid development was seen in Tianjin during the 70’s when the People’s Republic of China opened up for international trade.

Local Economy of Tianjin

The Municipality of Tianjin posted a GDP of 501.8 billion yuan during the year of 2007, an annual increase of 15% from the fiscal year of 2006. Its per capita GDP was 45,829 yuan in 2007.

Tianjin Municipality attracts large foreign investments such the joint venture with EADS Airbus Industry of building a local assembly plant for the A320 series.

Touristic Attractions in Tianjin Municipality

The Tianjin TV Tower gives you an excellent view of the Municipality of Tianjin. The Xikai Church, the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall are some of the local attractions Tianjin Municipality has to offer. You can also visit the memorial site the 1870 Tianjin Massacre.

Outside of Tianjin city, you can visit the Great Wall of Huangyaguan, Mount Panshan or the historical Fort Dagukou

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