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Central Thailand

Trat Expat Travel Guide

Trat (ตราด) is the capital of Trat Province, Eastern Thailand.


Trat is on the Cambodian border in southeastern Thailand. Some travellers will use Trat as an access point to Ko Chang, but most will use buses or vans that will deliver them directly to Ko Chang, bypassing Trat. Trat, formerly a vibrant traveler scene when all transport passed through town, has sunk into the doldrums according to most residents.

Trat is at the southeast end of Sukhumvit Road, which connects it with Chanthaburi, Rayong, Chonburi, and Bangkok.

Trat town is the main centre for road travellers to the eastern islands of Thailand including Ko Chang, Ko Mak, and Ko Kut. There is regular bus service, taking 5–6 hours, to Bangkok’s Ekamai Station for downtown Bangkok and Bangkok Mo Chit for other destinations in Thailand. Many tourists stop over in Trat before going to the islands from Laem Ngop or Leam Sok (15–20 km from Trat. There are ferry and speedboat services to the eastern islands, Ko Chang and Ko Kut.

Stay with our Hotel Partners in Trat

The following hotels and resorts have special safety measures in place due to the global Coronavirus Pandemic.

Trat is a transit point for people travelling to Cambodia, as it is a 90 kilometer minibus ride to the border at Hat Lek. After crossing the border there is a short journey to Koh Kong and bus service to Sihanoukville.

Get in

By plane

  • Trat AirportThe tiny airport is served only by Bangkok Airways from Bangkok. Trat Airport serves tourists who travel directly from Suvarnabhumi to Ko Chang without passing through the town.

Alternatively, and much cheaper, is a 1st class bus service that connects Trat directly with Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Cheap Flights to Trat

Origin Departure date Return date Find Ticket




Tickets from 2 701

Khon Kaen



Tickets from 3 972

Udon Thani



Tickets from 4 184

Ubon Ratchathani



Tickets from 4 309

Chiang Mai



Tickets from 4 895

Hat Yai



Tickets from 5 455




Tickets from 20 190




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Tickets from 23 218

Saint Petersburg



Tickets from 24 737

By bus

Buses to Trat depart from Bangkok’s Eastern (Ekamai) and Northern (Mo Chit) Bus Terminals (5 hours). From Ekamai buses run frequently throughout the day 06:00-23:30 with an overnight bus at 23:30 (as of October 2016). First class is 252 Thai Baht (June 2019) and the government-run bus has a nice 2nd class (air-con, but no toilet) for 188 Thai Baht. These buses are slow (they stop at every station en route), and the journey can take up to eight hours. Consider taking a minivan for a faster transit time.

If attempting to go to the border with Cambodia and continue on to Phnom Penh via one of the regular Cambodian bus services the same day, it is advisable to take one of the overnight buses from Bangkok to Trat. The overnight buses will arrive at the Trat bus depot very early in the morning and you can then catch the first morning mini-bus from the Trat bus depot to the border itself. 120-150 Thai Baht. Takes one and half hours. hourly 05:00-18:00.

There are also 5 buses daily to/from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport for 248 Thai Baht. The journey takes about 5 hours.

The regular Cambodian buses that leave Koh Kong for Phnom Penh depart Koh Kong around 08:00, so in order to catch the bus you need to be across the border when it first opens in the morning or shortly thereafter. Taking a mid-day bus from Bangkok puts you into Koh Kong either too late to cross the border (not a 24 hr operation) the same day or too late to catch the bus to Phnom Penh. In these cases you will have to spend a night in a hotel on the Thai or Cambodian side before moving onward.

To go straight to or from the border by minivan from the Trat bus station to cross over to Koh Kong costs 120 Thai Baht.

Regular bus connections from Chanthaburi, 70 Thai Baht, and other provincial capitals are also available from the Trat bus depot.

By share-taxi

On the east side of the main market building is the local songthaew departure area. You can’t miss the blue cars and pick-ups. Departures toward most provincial villages leave when the vehicle is full, including those to Hat Lek. Connections from there are available to the Cambodian border and Koh Kong.

Get around

The town is sufficiently small to make walking the best mode of transport, although there is little to do besides explore the small streets and relax. If needed, a motorbike taxi to just about anywhere in town, including to bus terminal, is 20 Thai Baht.


  • City Pillar Shrine (ศาลเจ้าพ่อหลักเมือง). Different from other city pillar shrines because of its form as a Chinese pavilion. Every year on the sixth night of the waxing moon period of the sixth lunar month, there is a celebration called Phli Mueang Day (วันงานพลีเมือง), known among the Chinese as Xia Gong Sae Yit (วันเซี่ยกงแซยิด), which means “birthday of the city pillar God”.
  • Wat Buppharam (วัดบุปผาราม), Moo 3 Ban Plai Khlong, Wang Krachae SubdistrictAn ancient temple dating back to the w: Ayutthaya era (mid-17th century), recognized as the oldest and most beautiful temple of Trat. The architecture here is early Rattanakosin and the ordination hall interior features murals in Ayutthaya and Chinese styles. Its name means ‘temple full of fragrant flowers’.
  • Wat Khiri Wihan (วัดคีรีวิหาร). A temple which features fine architecture with a blend of modern art. Principal buildings inside the temple’s precincts include a large Phra Ubosot or ordination hall, Phra Chedi, reception pavilion for HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, monk’s residence, preaching hall, and Chinese pavilion enshrining Phra Phuttha Udom Sombun, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and Phra Sangkatchai.
  • Wat Phai Lom (วัดไผ่ล้อม). Used to be a resident of Trat’s Father of Education, Than Chaokhun Phra Wimonmethachan Worayannurak. The temple also houses a Buddhist garden for public meditation and chedi museum of three much revered monks of Trat.
  • Wat Saphan Hin (วัดสะพานหิน). It is assumed to be more than a hundred years old, although its exact date of building is not known. There is an old Buddhist ordination hall in the water, approximately 1 km from the temple.
  • Wat Yotha Nimit (วัดโยธานิมิตร, Wat Bot (วัดโบสถ์)). The only royal temple in Trat. The temple was once used as a place to hold the oath of allegiance ceremony. There is an old ordination hall of Ayutthayan art serving as a wihan called Wihan Yotha Nimit for storing many antiques.
  • Old shophouses (On Chai Mongkhon Road). Classic beauties in the old commercial area of the district. In this area, some walls will have murals in the form of street art that tells stories of the old town in the old section of Khlong Bang Phra.
  • Tha SadetAn old pier where w:King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) visited Khlong Bang Phra to disembark and continue to w:Sanam Luang.
  • Residanggamport Residence (Residence Kampot). A colonial building used by French troops when Trat was a colonial town.
  • Trat National MuseumA large Makha (w:Afzelia xylocarpa) wooden house exhibits the stories of Mueang Trat in various perspectives.
  • Soi Rai Rang MarketA night market, the centre of street food and local food in the heart of the district, offers old style sweets at Khanom Thai Pa Nom.



Trat can be a starting point for a motorcycle trip to Ko Chang. Rentals of Honda and Yamaha motorbikes, in good condition, can be hired at the shop on Sukhumvit south of the market area (~200 Thai Baht per day). Drive south along Sukhumvit for about 45 minutes, and follow signs for the ferry quay. Be sure to top up with petrol before taking the ferry, as fuel prices on the island are rather high. Also, caution is required when driving on the island as the roads, although in excellent condition, are steep and winding, extremely so in some instances. (Furthermore, if taking your motorbike on the ferry you have no choice but to immediately go over the most dangerous hill, since it lies between the ferry piers and all the beaches. Carrying maps of Ko Chang and Trat province is advisable, as the routes are not always clear.

Cycle around the scenic lake which is just a few minutes cycle away from Trat town centre. Its about 10 km around the lake and is scenic the whole way around. There are a few places to eat and drink as well. Hire a bicycle from Tattoo Guesthouse opposite Pop Guesthouse for 50 Thai Baht for all day. Use the bike also to go shopping at the huge Tesco Lotus supermarket on the edge of town. It has an excellent pharmacy.

Have a 2 hour kick boxing lesson in the ring, at Tattoo Guesthouse.


  • Resident expats have set up a few used bookshops which provide English and German books at fair prices. They can be found in the small streets south of the central market.
  • Rubies (พลอยแดง) – Trat is renowned for its precious red gemstone known as the “Siamese ruby”. As gemstones in the province are depleted, the Siamese ruby is now becoming rare.
  • Ngop Nam Chiao (งอบน้ำเชี่ยว) is a folk-style hand-made palm leaf hat identified with the Nam Chiao community. The hat is made into a distinct shape looking like an overturned frying pan or soldier’s hat in former times.
  • Rakam Wan (ระกำหวาน) is a sweet variety of w:salacca, the most famous of the province’s vast array of fruit produce.
  • Trat Si Thong pineapple (สับปะรดตราดสีทอง) is a sweet and crispy variety of Trat’s juicy pineapple with yellowish skin.
  • Namman Lueang (yellow oil) (น้ำมันเหลือง) is an herbal rubbing oil produced out of folk wisdom since ancient times. The aromatic vapourizing oil helps to relieve muscular pain, stiffness, dizziness, congested nose and cold.


  • Across from the KFC in central Trat, and very close to the main bus terminal, there is a large indoor market with plenty of restaurants.
  • A lively night market gets underway around 18:00 just north of the main market. Just north of that is a smaller market open all day offering snacks and local produce.


  • Oscar BarThana Charoen RoadRoughly 17:00 to midnightOne of the only places for the few expats to hang out. Run by the accommodating owner, Sao. Her opening time is variable. She will stay open as long as she has customers. No food, only beer and full bar. Also does laundry on the premises. She has a dryer, often required to dry clothing in Trat’s damp climate.


  • Ban Jai Dee Guest House6 Chaimongkol Road.  Fan room with shared bathroom. Hot water showers. 250 Thai Baht.
  • Dream Guesthouse (Small road left off Sukhumvit (Choeren Road), just S of the market). Simple, clean rooms at fabulous rates (~100 Thai Baht for twin room with fan). Friendly advice is available in English from the resident owner. 100-450 Thai Baht.
  • Garden House Guest House87/1 Rad-anuson Road.  Check-in: Noon, check-out: NoonFan room with outside bath. Fan room from 150 Thai Baht.
  • James Guest House45/1 Lak Muang Road.  Check-in: Noon, check-out: NoonFan room with outside bath. 150+ Thai Baht.
  • Jane’s Place Guest House (On Lak Muang Road, conveniently in the centre of Trat near the market).  They only have three double rooms but each is clean, and also have a balcony overlooking the garden.
  • Orchid Guesthouse92 Lhak Muang Road, 92 (On a side street S of the market area) ,   The front operates as a restaurant serving Thai/Western fare. Serves good pizza and Western food, breakfast with homemade brown and white bread. The Thai selection of the menu is nicely cooked. Has air-con rooms, and free Wi-Fi for guests. Friendly advice is available in English from the resident owner. 150+ Thai Baht for fan rooms.
  • Rimklong Boutique Hotel194 Soi Rimklong Rakmuang Road.  Perfect small hotel close to downtown and the Oscar Bar. A little gem. Owned an operated by a friendly guy nicknamed “Tuu”. ~1,500 Thai Baht.
  • S.A. Hotel45 Soi Terdjarad 2 ,  fax+66 39 524411100 rooms. 250 Thai Baht rooms are fan only and barely furnished, but with TV. 250-900 Thai Baht.
  • Sangjun Guesthouse (formerly, Guy GH)Thana Charoen Road (From Sukhumvit Road about 500 m from center. Direction W. Go left Thana Charoen Road. Sangjun is after 200 m) ,   Check-out: Noon15 rooms, also has family room. Good price-quality balance. Nice restaurant, good location, ticket service. 200+ Thai Baht.
  • Yotin GuesthouseThana Charoen Road (200 m from Sukhumvit Road, near center) ,   Seven rooms. New guesthouse in good location. Close to night market/center. Very clean rooms and very good beds. No traffic or other noise. Rooms with TV, air-con or fan. Bathroom inside. Hot shower. 350-600 Thai Baht.

Go next

  • Most people head straight from Trat to Ko ChangKo KutKo Mak, Ko Wai or continue to Hat Lek for a visa run to Cambodia

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Thai Travel Warning

1. Anti-government student protests have occurred in Bangkok and other areas of Thailand. The security environment can be unpredictable and turn violent. Those attending protests can face arrest or other legal consequences. Monitor media reports from for information on protest locations and avoid public gatherings. As a foreigner take official warnings seriously.

2. Thailand has high levels of air pollution. Air pollution can make bronchial, sinus or asthma conditions worse.

3. If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel to Thailand. This applies to everyone, no matter how healthy and fit you are.

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