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Tourism & Local Products

Tourism with Local Products

Your Travel Agent

  • Has a strategy to promote local value creation in the destinations.
  • Exerts its influence on the partners so that they prefer local suppliers.
  • Asks his partners about the share they are sourcing locally.
  • Gives them advise and concrete support to increase this proportion without endangering the supply of the local population and driving up prices.
  • Advertises the authenticity of his travels and can prove this.
  • Sensitizes travelers and their own employees to how targeted measures can improve local value creation and thus the relationship with the local population.

Your local Tourism Provider

  • Cooks with products freshly delivered by local producers and is happy to spoil you with local menus.
  • Has bought building materials and furnishings locally wherever possible.
  • Helps its local suppliers by providing good contacts and know-how to provide the requested quality and quantity without becoming dependent on tourism.
  • When procuring, take care not to endanger the supply of the locals and not to drive up the prices.
  • Takes local providers into account when tendering and pays for the deliveries without delay.
  • Take care of local staff and invests in their training and career.
  • Is proud of its contribution to the local economy and would be happy to inform you about it.
  • Offers or recommends visits to local restaurants and producers.
  • Will be happy to give you advise on where to get locally made souvenirs.

Responsible Travel by you

  • Find out how much of the price of your trip stays at the holiday destination and how the local population benefits from it.
  • Choose offers where you can get to know the specialties of the country and the local community.
  • Find out about the culture at the resort and prepare to come into contact with it at the hotel. Knowing a few words in the local language simplifies the exchange.
  • Address special nutritional needs and get advice on which local foods are right for you.
  • You are happy to get to know the culinary and other special features of the country and are actively looking for excursions and activities that enable you to exchange ideas with the local population.
  • Support the local craft by choosing your souvenirs.
  • Also cook a menu from your holiday country at home and satisfy your wanderlust and there are a number of ingredients that were fairly produced there.
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